adj. [warm and comfortable; cosy]

  ps. 冬天的被窩

  ex. The children are wrapped up snug by the fire. 孩子們穿得暖暖和和的圍在爐火旁.

  ex.  being snug as a bug in a rug

  ps. snuggle v.依偎

      ex.The child snuggled up to her mother.


adj. [fitting closely, as a garment ]

  ps. snug fit dress, tight dress









v.浸泡 [to lie in and become saturated or permeated with water or some other liquid.]

  ex. The dirty clothes are soaking in soapy water.

  ex. to soak in a hot bath for relaxing the stress


v. [to be thoroughly wet; saturate or drench.]

  ex. to soak with cold water.


v. [to pass, as a liquid, through pores, holes]

  ex. The rain soaked through the tear in the umbrella.


  etymology: 與suck v.吮吸 的發展有關



quick review





soak  v.浸泡    [想成soap肥皂+ k]

 v.浸入水中、熄滅 ( 燈、火等 ) ex. to douse the campfire

drench v.使濕透  ( ex. Rains drench  the park in winter. )









v.急升 [go up high in the air quickly]  

  ps. 很快地往上飛翔的動作,像是莊子的大鵬鳥的比喻 

  ex. Prices are soaring

  ex. Inflation expectations soar and the central bank loses control of prices.

  ex. Skyscrapers soar above the horizon.









adj. 沒喝醉,清醒的[ not intoxicated or drunk. ]

  ex. He insisted he was sober, but Mrs. Price shrugged his arm away from her shoulder and said: 「You're not acting normal. (New York Times Jun 29, 2013)

  ps. 同樣的也指,清醒而有理智的

  ex. a sober analysis of the facts


adj [marked by seriousness, gravity, solemnity]

  ex. It was a room filled with sad, sober faces.

  ps. 字型 somber adj. 憂鬱的, 悶悶不樂的


adj. [(of colours) plain and dull or subdued]

  ex. He dresses in sober grey suits.

  ps. 像是喪禮(funeral)時衣服的顏色









n. [ quality or state of being sober]

  ex. The professional drivers of big trucks are held to high standards of sobriety from both alcohol and drugs.










adj. [characterized or marked by seriousness or sincerity]

  ex. Four thousand police officers were on duty in central London as the funeral procession made its solemn journey. (BBC Apr 17, 2013: Margaret Thatcher's funeral)

  ps. 字的來源是指" formal, ceremonial, traditional", 所以這個字帶給人的感覺就是在典禮種那種嚴肅


  ex. The doctors solemnly assured him was potentially fatal.

  ps. 也有指臉色很嚴肅的,沒笑容的

  聯想: sole+mn:單單就只說mnnn....感覺這個人很嚴肅


  etymology: from L. sollemnis







n. [the state or character of being solemn]

  <> jest n.










sock  , plural socks or sox

n.短襪 [short stocking (usu of wool, nylon or cotton) covering the ankle and lower part of the leg, usu well below the knee ]

  ex. a pair of socks

  ex. Boston Red Sox, 波士頓紅襪隊

  ps. Candy Crush Saga? There are official socks for that.

  etymology. 最原始是羅馬喜劇演員穿的寬鬆的拖鞋 L. soccus,後來就變成我們現在稱的sock了


v. [give (sb) such a blow]

  ex. Sock him on the jaw!

  ps. 我猜可能是 suck 的一些轉換











n.草皮 [layer of earth with grass growing in it ]

  wiki: Sod or turf is grass and the part of the soil beneath it held together by the roots, or a piece of thin material. In British English and in Irish English such material is more usually known as turf, and the word "sod" is limited mainly to agricultural senses.

  ps. 比方說,棒球場、 高爾夫球場要養草皮就會用到turf, or sod.


n. [curse, 髒話]

  ex. The new boss is a mean sod

  ps. SOD, Soft on Demand, Japanese adult video group of companies.










adj.濕透的 [ = soaked, drenched, saturated]

  ex. My shoes are sodden from walking in the rain.

  ex. Then canyon snowdrifts melted furiously into swollen streams and sodden ground. ( Utah history website)


  ps. 也可以構成複合詞

  ex. rain-sodden luggage

  ex. a whisky-sodden person. ( drink too much )


sodden  adj.濕透的
sudden  adj.突然的









sog( ~bog, 沼澤)-y

adj. [soaked; thoroughly wet; sodden.]










n.土壤; 泥土 [ the substance on the surface of the earth in which plants grow. ]

  ex. Life will finally return to soil.

n.國土; 領土

  ex. British soil


v.弄髒 [make it dirty.]

  ex. Young people don't want to do things that soil their hands.  



 Soil: Who Needs It?

 土壤、以及soil erosion 之類的議題也常在TOEFL考試有出現唷。(大約15min)








sol(to comfort)-ace

n.安慰 [ comfort or relief (from pain, trouble, distress, etc) ]

  ex. Henry was inclined to seek solace in drink.

  ex. It was, he told her, the only song that could bring them solace.


  syn: consolation (p.108), comfort

  etymology: from Latin sōlācium "consolation", meaning comfort or consolation in a time of distress.



Quantum of Solace

 from wiki:Quantum of Solace《007量子危機》,the twenty-second James Bond film, 是2006 中Casino Royale影片的續集。....我沒看過,主要的plot是一位environmentalist,一位quantum組織的成員, 他企圖引導個政變在Bolivia (玻利維亞),來控制國家的水資源供給。Bond同時也為他愛人的死而復仇,而遇到Camille,她也是為她家人的死而復仇...。









n. [soft mixture of metals used, when melted, for joining harder metals, wires, etc together]


v.銲接 [join  sth with solder]

  ex. to solder circuit boards.

  <> breach ( to break, p.64)


  wiki: Soft solder is typically thought of when solder or soldering is mentioned, with a typical melting range of 90 to 450 °C (190 to 840 °F). It is commonly used in electronics, plumbing, and assembly of sheet metal parts.


solder  v.銲接
soldier  n.士兵
   ( A solider is soldering the circuit boards.)


 How and WHY to Solder Correctly







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