upbraid     /ʌpˈbreɪd/


v.責罵 [to forcefully or angrily tell someone they should not have done a particular thing and criticize them for having done it]

  ex. The public upbraided a factory intentionally caused water pollution.

  ex. Mrs. May passed up the opportunity to upbraid Mr. Trump. (New York Times Jul 13, 2018)

  note: braid n.辮子

  記: 循著辮子向上找責罵的根源


  synonym: (verb)  rebuke (p.394), reprimand( p.405), reprove (p.406), scold






upgrade    /ʌpˈɡreɪd/


v. [to improve the quality or usefulness of something, or to raise something or someone to a higher position or rank]

 ex. Once in a while, we get messages asking us to upgrade service, such as upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10.






upheaval    /ˌʌpˈhi‧vəl/

up-heave( to lift something heavy)-al

n.動亂 [A violent or sudden change or disruption to something]

  ex. Some people are afraid of same-sex marriage will cause social upheaval, but the others consider it is an improvement to human right.


  synonym: (n.) disturbance






uphold    /ʌpˈhold/


v.支持 [Confirm or support (something which has been questioned)]

   note: p.t. 與 p.p. 都是 upheld

   synonym: (v.) endorse, sustain

   ex.KMT chairman said he would uphold "1992 consensus".

   ex. The effort is part of the United Kingdom's commitment to upholding OPCW's integrity overseeing a global ban under the Chemical Weapons Convention. (source)





upright    /ˈʌpˌrɑɪt/

adj. 挺直的 [(of a person) sitting or standing with the back straight.]

  ex. As one of Dragon Boat Festival traditions, people would try to balance an egg and make it upright.

adj. 正直的 [Strictly honorable or honest.]


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uproar    /ˈʌprɔː/

up-roar( v.吼叫, 像獅子老虎)

n.喧囂 [ A loud and impassioned noise or disturbance. ]

  ex. Education subsidy cut caused public uproar. Many students and professors gathered and demonstrated their anger.






uproarious    /ʌpˈrɔːr.i.əs/

adj. [extremely noisy and confused]

adj. [Provoking loud laughter; very funny]

  ex.uproarious laughter.

  synonym: (adj.) hilarious


Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) BEST laughs compilation





upstage    /ʌpˈsteɪdʒ/


adv. [toward or at the rear of a theatrical stage]

adj.高傲的 [haughty]

v. 搶某人的戲 [ Divert attention from (someone) towards oneself]

  synonym: surpass, outshine

  ex. iPhone8 is totally upstaged by iPhone X during the release conference; people are so excited about the new 3D applications.

  ex. We don't want the flower girls upstaging the bride.





upswing    /ˈʌpˌswɪŋ/


n.向上擺動, 增加 [an increase or improvement]

  synonym:(n.) growth, rise

  ex. As there is an upswing of the ratio of senior citizens, the government starts the long-term care program.






urgent    /ˈɜr‧dʒənt/

urge(v. 催促)-ent

adj.急迫的 [requiring immediate action or attention]

  ex. We should plan the budget for the most urgent need.






usurp    /jʊˈzɝp/

usu(use)-rp(=rip v.剝掉)

v.侵佔 [Take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force.]

  ex. to usurp the throne.

  ex. The businessmen usurp Aboriginal land rights and result in the overdevelopment of land.

  字源: rp 是 rip 的簡化







usury    /ˈjuʒʊrɪ/


n.高利貸 [The action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.]

  Ex. A former legislator has been sentenced to four years in jails on usury, fraud, corruption ….






utilize    /ˈju‧t̬əlˌɑɪz/

v.利用 [Make practical and effective use of]

  ex. A research group found a better way to utilize hay to make waste hay into hay charcoal, instead of burning it.

   synonym:(v.) employ






utilitarian    /juːˌtɪl.əˈter.i.ən/

utility(n. 效用)-arian (人)

n. 實利主義者

adj. [Designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive.]

  synonym:(a.) practical, functional

  ex. Many early software programs were designed to be functional, i.e. utilitarian, and hence the most of them used command line instead of GUI interface.




 PHILOSOPHY - Ethics: Utilitarianism, Part 1 [HD]




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