unstinting    /ʌnˈstɪn.t̬ɪŋ/


adj.慷慨的 [extremely generous with time, money, praise, help, etc; generous]

    note: stingy adj. 吝嗇的,小氣的

    ex. We all appreciate your unstinting support to make this event happens.




unsubstantiated    /ʌnsəbˈstanʃɪeɪtɪd/


adj.未經證實的 [not proven to be true, not substantiated]

    ex. The claim of the earth is flat is unsubstantiated, even though there are a couple of Youtube videos to make this claim.

     ex. Every year, we always have several unsubstantiated trade rumors after the NBA playoff.




untapped    /ʌntæpt/

un-tap( 輕拍, touch) -ed

adj.未開發的 [available but not used]

   ex. Many developing countries, although they are poor currently, have many untapped natural resources, like oil.

   ex. untapped market, untapped potential.






unthreatening    /ʌnˈθrɛtənɪŋ/


adj. [not presenting a threat]

  ex. A lion is in an unthreatening posture.






adj.過早的;不適時的 [before the due, natural, or proper time]

  ex. His mother's untimely death had a catastrophic effect on him.




adj. [kept secret]

adj.數不清的 [too great or numerous to count]

  ex. she has practiced untold times before she won the Olympic Gold medal.

  ex.untold generations have lived and died in this ancient land.





adj.倔強的;難對付的 [difficult to guide, manage, or work with]

  ex.  Untoward children make teachers tired.

adj. [marked by trouble or unhappiness :unlucky]

  note: toward 是有 forward moving的意思,也可以說是順從。反過來說untoward 就是指倔強的;難對付的因為它不會向前。





adj. 未受教育的 [having no formal learning or training]

   note: illiterate adj.文盲的

   ex. Most children in this country have never had a chance of having education. They are untutored due to the war and being lacking resources.



unwarranted    /ʌnˈwɒr(ə)ntɪd/


adj.未經授權的, 無保證的 [lacking adequate or official support :not warranted]

   ex. Unwarranted criticism is like someone falsely says you are cheating.

   ex. There is no evidence that the water has been polluted, but the relocation of people has brought unwarranted bad reputation to this town.

    note: warrant n.授權, 逮捕狀, 搜查令

    etymology: warrant from old French guarant ( related to guaranty ).





unwieldy    /ʌnˈwiːldi/


adj.使用不便的, 笨重的  [not easily managed, handled, or used (as because of bulk, weight, complexity, or awkwardness) :cumbersome]

     ex. In the 2010s, a personal laptop was unwieldy in today's standard. The battery life was just 2 hours, and it was also heavy and slowly responded.

     ex. Do you need this unwieldy photo editor to just change the color?

   synonym: unhandy adj.

   note: wield v.使用工具等 [ use, exert ]  ex. The killer was wielding a knife.






unwitting    /ʌnwɪtɪŋ/


adj.不知情的 [not aware of what is really happening ]

   ex. unwitting victim of conspiracies 不知情的共謀

   ex. We are the unwitting co-author in this paper.


   note: wit 與 wise, wisdom都是來自相近的字源,指的是 know.

   wit n.機智 [an ability to say or write things that are clever and usually funny]

  Unwitting Wisdom : An Anthology of Aesop's Fables 伊索寓言 ( amazon link )




unwonted    /ʌnˈwɔntɪd/

adj.少有的 [being out of the ordinary :rare, unusual]

  ex.  She was honored for the unwonted courage to save many people's lives during a fire accident.

  note: unwonted 72 is a Birth Control pill. ( 印度的藥 ? )

  note: 很少用到的字



adj. [having or showing a lack of experience or knowledge of the world]

  ex. The little young girl lives in the countryside and never goes to a city. She is unworldly but feels happy for her lifestyle.

  ex. an unworldly idea.

  note: check unearthly adj. [strange and unnatural]



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