trudge    /trʌdʒ/

v.沈重地走 [Walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions]

  ex. With heavy backpacks and and a couple of books in hand, he trudges up the stairs.

  synonyms: trek and tramp (p.22)





trumpet    /ˋtrʌmpɪt/

trump - et

n.[小號; 喇叭] [brass musical instrument with a bright ringing tone]

 note: trump, 是由triumph 變化過來的。

  note: trumpet = trump - et


Instrument: Trumpet







truncate    /ˋtrʌŋket/

v.截去 [ Shorten (something) by cutting off the top or the end]

  ex. Due to the computation limitation, we have to truncate our model and make simplifications.




trunk    /trʌŋk/

n.樹幹 [main stem of a tree, from which the branches grow]

  ex. The tree is so big, such that only ten people are enough to surround its trunk.

n. 汽車後部的行李箱 (美式用法), 英式用 the boot of a car.

  ex. The policemen stopped the car and found illegal drugs in the trunk.






truss    /trʌs/

n.支撐屋頂﹑ 橋樑等的構架 [ framework supporting a roof, bridge, etc]

 note: 不是很重要的單字








adj.值得信賴的, 可靠的 [reliable, responsible]

   ex. Being a trustworthy person means you have to fulfill what you have promised.





tuber   /ˋtubɚ/

n. [A much thickened underground part of a stem or rhizome, e.g. in the potato, serving as a food reserve and bearing buds from which new plants arise.]

  記: t(ax) + uber

    ex. Tubers are enlarged structures in some plant species used as storage organs for nutrients. They are used for the plant's survival of the winter or dry months, to provide energy and nutrients for regrowth during the next growing season

  note: protuberance p.382







tumult    /ˋtumʌlt/

n. [A loud, confused noise, especially one caused by a large mass of people]

   記: tu + mult(iple)

   ex. The football fans cause a tumult when the game is delayed.








turbulent    /ˋtəbjələnt/

adj.混亂的 [Characterized by conflict, disorder, or confusion; not stable or calm.]

    ex. The stress and criticism  from the working place cause him having turbulent emotions which turn into mental illness in the end.




turmoil    /ˋtəmɔɪl/

n.混亂狀態 [A state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty.]

 ex. The state is in turmoil; no one can buy enough fundamental staples due to the price inflation.







turgid    /ˋtədʒɪd/

adj. [Swollen and distended or congested.]

 ex. the plant will become turgid (swollen and hard) when the water coming itself through osmosis.

adj. [(of language or style) tediously pompous or bombastic.]






turncoat    /ˋtənˏkot/

n.叛徒 [person who changes from one side, party, etc to another]

   note: A turncoat is a traitor.

   note: turncoat的用法源自於古代人會把象徵的徽章穿在外套上,以表示忠誠。所以turn coat意思代表把忠誠給藏起來了。





turpitude    /'tɜːpɪtjuːd/

n.卑鄙 [Depraved or wicked behavior or character.]

  note: 常以 an act of moral turpitude 出現.

  ex. He loathes any kind of corruptions, including moral turpitude.





turquoise    /ˋtəkwɔɪz/

adj.青綠色 [A greenish-blue color.]






turret   /ˈtərət/

n. [A small tower on top of a larger tower or at the corner of a building or wall, typically of a castle.]

   note: 可以略過這個字


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