trifle    /ˋtraɪfl/

n.無多大價值或重要性的事物 [A thing of little value or importance]

   ex. We are sometimes distracted and pay more attention on trifles when we need to do something important but painful, such as preparing an exam.



trivial    /ˋtrɪvɪəl/

adj. [of little worth or importance]

  ex. Some TV shows ask contesters to play trivia games (i.e. answering trivial questions). In U.S. these shows are quite popular.





trigger    /ˋtrɪɡɚ/

n. [An event or circumstance that is the cause of a particular action, process, or situation]

  note: 原指手槍的扳機。(a metal lever that when pulled discharges a gun.)

  ex. The China Airline flight attendants' 2-day strike is a trigger for Taiwanese workers to rethink their reasonable working benefits.


v.觸發 [Cause (an event or situation) to happen or exist]






trilogy    /ˋtrɪlədʒɪ/


n. [A group of three related novels, plays, films, operas, or albums.]

   ex. There are many films in a format of trilogy, such as "Hunger games" (The Hunger Games / Catching Fire / Mockingjay) or "Godfather"





trim    /trɪm/

v.修剪 [make (sth) neat or smooth by cutting away irregular parts]

  ex. people like to trim their gardens and make them neat.

  note: trim 當名詞的時候,指邊緣的裝飾 [Additional decoration, typically along the edges of something and in contrasting color or material]






trinket    /ˋtrɪŋkɪt/

n.廉價的小裝飾品 [A small ornament or item of jewelry that is of little value.]

 ex. At Taiwanese night markets, there are several venders selling trinket targeting for high-school girls.







trio    /ˋtrio/

n. [A set or group of three people or things]

   note: trio是義大利文過來的

   note: trio通常出現在音樂方面,ex. Jazz trio, piano trio等等。

   note: duo 是指"雙"的意思。


 Schubert: Piano Trio in E-flat major, Op. 100





tripod    /ˋtraɪpɑd/



   ex. camera tripod.

   note: 像有三隻腳的鼎,也可以稱為tripod







trite    /traɪt/

adj.陳腐的, 老一套的 [(Of a remark, opinion, or idea) overused and consequently of little import; lacking originality or freshness]

  ex. Alright, I have to admit this is trite. This kind of setting has been overused in many comics.

  常見的同義詞: banal (p.50), hackneyed (p.230)






triumph    /ˋtraɪəmf/

n.凱旋, 勝利 [A great victory or achievement]


  note: 在古羅馬時代, triumph是一種盛大的歡迎凱旋對於打大勝戰的將軍。

  note: 德國起家的,triumph 知名內衣廠牌

  check 小凱旋式--ovation p.337






trophy    /ˋtrofɪ/

n. 獎盃 [A cup or other decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success]

   ex. Leonardo DiCaprio is awarded a trophy for the 2016 Oscar winner for the best actor.


   note. atrophy n.(身體上的)萎縮 (p.43)







troupe    /trup/

n. [a group of actors, singers, or dancers who work together and often travel around together, performing in different places]

  ex. The Thomasville Music & Drama Troupe (link)







trowel    /trauəl/

n. [A small handheld tool with a flat, pointed blade, used to apply and spread mortar or plaster.]






truancy    /'truənsɪ/

n. [The action of staying away from school without good reason; absenteeism]

 note: 不是很重要的字。


 note: truncate v. [to shorten by or as if by cutting off]

 ex. 2/3 cannot be exactly done in a computer.







truce    /trus/

n.休戰協定 [An agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time]

  ex. For protecting Assad's position, Russians violated truces and attacked rebel groups backed by the United States.

   ps. also review p.36 for 軍火特輯






truculent    /ˋtrʌkjələnt/

adj.好鬥的 [eager or quick to argue or fight]

   記: tru(e) + cut + (r)ent = 真的把房租減少了的話,房東會變得很挑釁的(truculent)

   ex. Please calm down, your truculent way of speaking will hurt the friendship.


    note: defiant, belligerent, pugnacious, confrontational








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