timbre    /ˈtɪmbɚ/ or /ˈtæmbɚ/

n.音質 [The character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity]


What is Timbre?









timely    /ˋtaɪmlɪ/

adj.適時的 [Done or occurring at a favorable or useful time]

  ex. "I don't want you work too hard, but I wish to get some results in a timely manner. Hope you can send me on Monday", my professor says.

  ex. Thank you for your timely informing that the class is cancelled today, so that I don't need to go to school in such horrible weather.

similar word: well-timed






timid    /ˋtɪmɪd/

adj.膽怯的 [Showing a lack of courage or confidence; easily frightened]

  記: Tim is timid to show his ID. He is super shy.

  ex. The book "Timid Salesmen Have Skinny Kid" is one of famous books from Zig Ziglar.

  <> audacious a.[showing a willingness to take risks]



intrepid  a. [fearless] = brave

temerity n.[rashness]  (音: 他媽沒提)






timidity    /tɪ'mɪdətɪ/



  ex. For beginners in gym, they normally show some timidity. But it will be all fine.







timorous    /ˋtɪmərəs/


adj.膽怯的, 羞怯的 [Showing or suffering from nervousness, fear, or a lack of confidence]

  ex. When she was young, she was such as a timorous girl that she always cried when she saw the unfamiliar people.







tinder    /ˋtɪndɚ/

n.火絨 [a very flammable substance adaptable for use as kindling]

  note: tinder是個 matchmaking app( ios, android都有), 功能就類似beetalk.

  ex. We are setting fire on dry tinder for cooking our dinner in a forest during camping.


MY CRAZY TINDER DATE!!! | Marissa Rachel 







tinker    /ˋtɪŋkɚ/

n. [(Especially in former times) a person who travels from place to place mending metal utensils as a way of making a living.]

  note: tinker是指古早時期到處遊走以修餐具為賺錢的人。在台灣鄉下的地方,還是偶而會聽到『有破梯子、破鋁窗要修嗎』的廣播聲,那人在英文中,就是tinker. 也因此tinker當動詞時,指的是非專業的那種修理方式。

  note: plumber n.水管工人 (修馬桶、水龍頭之類的)

v. [to work in the manner of a tinker such as to repair, adjust, or work with something in an unskilled or experimental manner]

  ex. "Thank you for not tinkering too much that we can still have a working computer" she said in a satirical tone.







tint    /tɪnt/


v.輕微的染色 [to color (something) slightly]

   note: 這個字只要記得車窗的隔熱紙叫window tint,  另外還常見的有tinted glass.

   note: 教堂中的彩繪玻璃叫stained glass










tirade    /ˋtaɪred/

n.長篇的批評性的講話 [A long, angry speech of criticism or accusation]

  note: 這個字很常出現在政治上,像是長篇大論的演說,來批評教育政策等等。

  ex. A civic organization issued an angry tirade to criticize the government corruption.

  ex. It doesn't make sense to make a tirade to her just because she unfriended you first on Facebook.


related word: harangue(p.231) n.也是指長篇而侵犯性的演說。

ex. Before civic right was established, white people often gave a harangue that black people were labors and should not the share the same rights as they had.





tire    /taɪr/

v. 疲勞

n. 輪胎







tissue    /ˋtɪʃu/

n. (動植物的)組織

  wiki: In biology, tissue is a cellular organizational level intermediate between cells and a complete organ. A tissue is an ensemble of similar cells from the same origin that together carry out a specific function. Organs are then formed by the functional grouping together of multiple tissues.

n.面紙 [A disposable piece of absorbent paper, used especially as a handkerchief or for cleaning the skin.]







titanic    /taɪ'tænɪk/


  ex. to escape the gravitational pull of Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, you need titanic power.

  note: 源自於 希臘神話的 Titans 神族 ( deity race) , 他們都相當的巨大與擁有非常大的力量。

  note: titanium n.鈦 (low density and high strength) 眼鏡的框架很常用的金屬。


Honest Trailers: Titanic







titular    /ˋtɪtʃəlɚ/

title-ar  (u addition)

adj.有名無實的 [having a certain title or position but no real authority ]

  ex. Emperor of Japan is a titular leader, and the prime minister governs the nation.

  ex. Although he is in the position of vice president, he cannot make any decision and he is only a titular leader.






toady    /ˋtodɪ/


n.諂媚者 [ person who flatters another or treats him with excessive respect in the hope of gain or advantage ]

  note: toady 的由來與 toad-eater有關。在早期醫術還沒發達的時候,charlatan(江湖醫生)的助手的工作是吃了個蟾蜍,因為大眾覺得那是有毒的,皆下來charlatan就表演如何醫治助手,讓大家信服他的醫術。所以toady就表示那種敢吃蟾蜍而討好人的那類人。

  ex. Would you be a good guy, or frankly speaking a toady, to the girl you like? Don't do that, good guy means bland, replaceable, and forgettable.


  related word:

  obsequious adj. 諂媚的, 順從的

  fawn v.奉承








toil    /tɔɪl/

n. [long strenuous fatiguing labor ]

  note: 是個經常使用的單字,指的是長時間或辛苦工作。

  記: to add oil to help you toil over the hard work.


v. [to work very hard for a long time]

   ex. The king requested to build more ships, and so they toiled in logging and preparing other materials. 

   ex. The poor uneducated people toil in farming and their wage is often miserable.


v.緩慢而艱難地移動 [to move slowly and with a lot of effort]

   ex. The bus toiled up the steep hill.

toil_22 toil

 note: toll ( we will see soon.)





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