surrender    /səˋrɛndɚ/

v.投降 [stop resisting an enemy, etc; yield; give up]

   ex. The police asked the robbers to surrender and told them the attempt of escape won't never work.

  ex. Many students surrender to the high pressure of exams, and then they lose the spirit to learn more, but only want to pass exams and forget it.

  ex. He surrenders to the plight of drought, breathing weakly and waiting the death coming.






surreptitious    /ˏsʌrəpˋtɪʃəs/

sub-rept(to crawl)-itious    note: reptile n.爬蟲類

adj.偷偷摸摸的 [done or acting secretly or stealthily]

  note: 字根組合的意思為地下爬的似的,也因此不亦被人看到所以指的是偷偷摸摸的意思。

  ex. A surreptitious sabotage to the Hong Kong public poll website just makes Hongkonger more furious about their government.

  ex. Last night I saw some people wearing black masks surreptitiously checked the security system of our building.


 similar word (adj.):  clandestine, concealed, covert, furtive, stealthy(p.447)









surrogate    /ˋsʌrəˏɡet/

sub-rogate(to ask)

n.代理人, 代用品 [person or thing that acts or is used instead of another; substitute]

  note: 這個字在今日主要都與代理懷孕有關連。

  ex.  surrogate mother, son

  ex. surrogate birth

  ex. My little dog acted as a surrogate mom to these ducklings.

surrogate_mother surrogate2








n. [A surveyor is someone who estimates or measures the dimensions of land. Surveyors help make maps, and are important when planning new buildings. ]

  note: 一般最直接想到就是丈量土地的技師。但也有可以當其他種類的 ex. marine surveyor

  note: survey n/v.調查, 測量

  ex. the author surveys recent developments in nuclear plants.

  ex. Surveys show that 75% of people approve of the new law.

Survey_332 surveyor






survive    /sɚˋvaɪv/

sur-(super)-viv(to live)-e 

v.存活 [continue to live or exist]

  note: 字根viv與life, to live有關。像是vital adj.維持生命所必需的, vivid adj. 生動的 vitamin n.維生素

  ex. 「It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.」 ─ Charles Darwin

  ex. Survival of the fittest -- the mechanism of natural selection.









susceptible    /səˋsɛptəbl/

sub(under)-cept(to take)-ible

adj. [easily influenced or harmed by sth]

  note: 字根cept是指to take的意思,整體來說susceptible,就字構而言是指容易拿進入的。

  ex. Young people are susceptible to advertizement; they are easy to be influenced by the media. 

  ex. The guard is very susceptible to other people's flattery. Once you praise him, he will let you come in.

  ex. These new genetic engineered plants won't be susceptible to common diseases.







susceptibility    /sə‚sɛptə'bɪlətɪ/


n. [the quality or state of being susceptible]

  ex. Magnetic susceptibility, magnetic permeability

  \mu = \mu_0(1+\chi_v)\, ...notation see wiki.








suspect    /səˋspɛkt/ for v.  /ˋsʌspɛkt/ for n.

sub-spect(to look)

v.懷疑 [to believe to be guilty, false, counterfeit, undesirable, defective, bad, etc., with little or no proof]

  ex. The police suspect there will be a terrorist attack soon, so they deploy more people in all the stations of public transportation.

  ex. I suspect this novel is written by a true murderer.

n.嫌疑犯  [person suspected of a crime, etc]

  ex. Investigators say nearly $100,000 was wired into the suspect's bank accounts.









suspicion    /səˋspɪʃən/

sub-spic( to look)-ion

n.懷疑; 涉嫌 [the act or an instance of suspecting something wrong without proof or on slight evidence]

  ex. When his fingerprint was detected on the knife, the suspicion of having another accomplice arouse.

  ex. I have deep suspicion that she is lying.







suspicious    /səˋspɪʃəs/

sub-spic(to look)-i-ous

adj. [having or showing suspicion]

   ex. People are more suspicious of TV commercials than words from politicians.

   ex. Once you see a suspicious item in airport, you should immediately tell to airport police.

   ex. I observed a suspicious internet activity that seemed to hack our website.









suspend    /səˋspɛnd/

sub-pend(to hang)

v.暫止 [ stop (sth) temporarily ]

  note: pend這字根緣由於pendulum或是天平,是有掛著的意思。所以一件東西被置之高處,就是說被暫停使用了。

  ex. His ptt account was suspended for one week since he violated the user rules by leaving disgusting comments.

  ex. The bank suspended his account because FBI suspected he involved in terrorism.

v.[hang sth up]

  ex. A chandelier is suspended from the ceiling.

 Suspend_332 suspense2







suspense    /səˋspɛns/

sub-pens(to hang)-e

n.緊張感, 懸疑 [feeling of tenseness, worry, etc about what may happen]

 ex. In the final 5 minutes of the game, people wait in great suspense to see which team will win the NBA champion.

 ex. The author craftily use suspense to torture his readers.  He makes you feel hungry then hands food to you, but doesn't allow you to eat.














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