strike    /straɪk/

v. 打 ( to hit, 是最簡單、基本的意思)

  note: 過去式,與過去分詞 struck

  ex. A common story about the invention of gravitational theorem. That is, one day an apple struck Newton's head, then he wondered why this apple would fall down...

  ex. I don't quite understand my two cats are playing or fighting. They are using legs to strike each other.

n/v. 罷工

  note: 想成是給資方的打擊

  ex. Do public school teachers have rights to go on a strike? Some people argue teachers' aren't ordinary employees.

  ex. We have to have a backup plan. Tomorrow the employees in BART system will strike, and hence the transportation will be in a chaos.







striking    /ˋstraɪkɪŋ/

adj.很特別很吸引人的 [attracting attention or notice through unusual or conspicuous qualities]

  note: 看到就像被打到一樣的震驚,通常指看了到不尋常而很吸引人的事物。

  ex. Mom's old love letters, which I found recently, reveal a strikingly sweet fact. Dad and mom went traveling together, and dad gave her a surprising and romantic purposal in a famous site in Paris. 

 ex."I can seldom image such a striking lady will appear in front of me tonight", the man says and then holds her hand going to the party.







stringent    /ˋstrɪndʒənt/


adj.嚴格的  [marked by rigor, strictness, or severity especially with regard to rule or standard]

   note: stringent的字根string, 本身就是當作拉緊的意思。所以有"嚴格的"字義並不是很難想像。 stringent通常是形容規範之類很嚴格。像是俄羅斯發生了地鐵人肉炸彈恐怖攻擊後,就採取了 a stringent security check for each passenger on public transportation.

  ex. Anytime any organization establishes stringent or rigid controls, it creates a social incentive to circumvent those controls. (Washington Post Dec 31, 2013)

  ex. Everyone wants the government to enforce a stringent food safety check, in order to prevent fake or even toxic products appearing on the market.


 ------------------------------- ( a quick review )


string   --> strang     ==  draw tight 拉緊 











strip   /strɪp/

v. [to remove clothing, covering, or surface matter from]

  note: strip club ... James Harden 滿喜歡去的

  ex. In a party, as the effect of drinking alcohol girls lower their guard, stripping their shirts and dancing wildly. 

  ex. From gradually losing hairs, his bald head strips off much his confidence just as a girl has her breasts cut.



n.狹長的一塊 [ long narrow piece of material,  or area of land ]

  note: Gaza strip


note: stripe  /straɪp/

  note: stripe也是指長長的line,不過stripe比較多用於向老虎、斑馬、襯衫那種有規律的條紋的線條。

  ex. stripe sweater, stripe tights (條紋狀的絲襪)








strive    /straɪv/

v.努力, 奮鬥  [try very hard to obtain or achieve sth ]

  ex. When the first group of people came to Taiwan around 8000 years ago, they strove to survive here by combating every adversity, such as typhoons, food shortage and diseases. And then they became the common root of the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan.

 ex. She strives to win his heart, but their relationship still stops in the friend zone, and cannot have any progress.


 synonym: endeavor  v.努力

 note: 字源上 strive 與 strife都是 share 相同的 root的,strife 的意思事衝突(名詞),你可以想成 strive 就是一直努力與困難在打鬥。






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