adj. [prepared for immediate use] ex. dinner is ready

[likely to do something indicated] ex. a house that looks ready to collapse.

adj. [immediately available]







adv. [without hesitating; willing]

ex. readily accepted advice

adv. [without much difficulty; easily]









n. [chemistry : a substance that is used to test for the presence of another substance by causing a chemical reaction with]

to know more see wiki--reagent .










re-align(to line)

v. [to align again; especially : to reorganize or make new groupings of]

ex. We had to realign the text to fit it on the page.


Yoga for Travelers - Realign Your Spine










n. [ kingdom]

n. [domain]

ex. within the realm of possibility. (If you say that something is not beyond the realms of possibility, you mean that it is possible. )

ex. new discoveries in the realm of medicine






reg  --> rig  == king, rule, right



reg al   a.帝王的、華麗的=splendid
    ex. bearing makes her a perfect choice to play royalty on the screen.
reg ality   n.王位、王權  (rare usage)
reg ent   n.攝政者 [代國王統治者]
    A regent is a person who rules a country when the king or queen is unable to rule, for example because they are too young or too ill. ex. 周公
reg ime   n.政治制度 ex .the collapse of the Fascist regime at the end of the war
reign   n.統治時期  ex .the reign of Elisabeth III. // 跟 resign v.辭職 長的很像
reg ion   n.區域、領域
realm   n.領土、領域
regul ate   v.規定、管理  ex. The dam regulates the flow of water into the river.
regul ation   n.規定、管理
regu l ar   a.正規的
regul arity   n.規定
reg iment   n.團 [ex.砲兵團]   v.嚴密的編組、嚴格的管制
    Her diet is strictly regimented.
rig id   a.嚴格的、僵硬的
rig idity   n.嚴格、僵硬
rig or   n.嚴格    (the rigor of wartime existence.)
rig orous   a.嚴格的









n. 令(紙張的計數單位)

A ream is a quantity of paper sold in a bundle, once comprised of 480 sheets but now rounded up to 500.








v.  [ to cut with a sickle, scythe, or reaping machine]

ex. She is now reaping the benefits of her hard work.

ex. He reaped large profits from his investments.

ps. ripe adj.









n. [one that reaps especially : any of various machines for reaping grain]










re(back)-bat(beat, drive)-e

n. A rebate is an amount of money which is paid to you when you have paid more tax, rent, or rates than you needed to.


Mail In Rebates 101










n. [ person who fights against, or refuses to serve, the established government]

v. [ fight against or resist the established government ]

ex. He finally rebelled against his strict upbringing. 他終於起來反抗那種嚴厲管教他的方式.









adj. [If you think someone behaves in an unacceptable way and does not do what they are told, you can say they are rebellious. ]

ex. a rebellious teenager

ex.  an employee who ignores a dress code is being rebellious.











v [unkind or contemptuous refusal or rejection (of an offer, request, friendly gesture, etc); snub ]

ex. Her kindness to him was met with a cruel rebuff. 她一片好心卻遭到他冷酷的拒絕.

聯想:re + puff(吹)











v.指責 [If you rebuke someone, you speak severely to them because they have said or done something tha t you do not approve of. ; reprimand, scold]

ex. UN member countries delivered a strong rebuke to both countries for persisting with nuclear testing programs.










n.辯駁 [If you make a rebuttal of a charge or accusation that has been made against you, you make a statement which gives reasons why the accusation is untrue. ]


Speech Writing : How to Write a Rebuttal Speech










n.  [a representation of words or syllables by pictures of objects or by symbols whose names resemble the intended words or syllables in sound]










adj. [difficult to manage or operate]

ex. the manager worried that the recalcitrant employee would try to undermine his authority.

ex. a heart-to-heart talk with the recalcitrant youth revealed that he had a troubled life at home









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