univocal     /ˌjunəˈvoʊkəl/


adj.意義明確的 [(of a word or term) having only one possible meaning; unambiguous.]

  ex. Here the "no" is an univocal "no".





unjust    /ʌnˈdʒʌst/


adj.不公平的 [not morally right; not fair]

  ex. we tend to give an unjust judge to the thing/person we don't know well.






unjustified    /ˌənˈdʒəstəˌfaɪd/


adj.不正當的 [Not shown to be right or reasonable.]

  ex. unjustified detention






unkempt    /ʌnˈkempt/

un-kempt( related to comb)

adj.蓬亂的;不整潔的 [ not neat or cared; messy]

   ex. my unkempt hair is just like a bird's nest.






unleash    /ʌnˈliʃ/


v. [Cause (a strong or violent force) to be released or become unrestrained.]

  ex. At night, she unleashes the deadly evil residing in her mind.

  note: leash n. 類似拴狗的皮帶





unmitigated    /ʌnˈmɪt̬·ɪˌɡeɪ·t̬ɪd/

un-miti(~mild) -ig(=act, do)-ate-ed

adj.十足的,  未緩和的 [(of something unpleasant) absolute]

  ex. Terrorism in London is an unmitigated disaster.






unmoved    /ʌnˈmuvd/


adj.無動於衷的;冷淡的 [ Not affected by emotion or excitement ]

    ex. Too many people died in the war that lasting 20 years, people were unmoved when seeing dead bodies on the street.






unnoticed    /ʌnˈnoʊt̬·ɪst/


adj.未被注意的 [ not noticed ]

 "The voices of middle-class white people in U.S. have been unnoticed for a long time," an analyst said, which explained when Trump got elected.




unobtrusive    /ˌʌn·əbˈtru·sɪv/

un-ob-trus(=thrust, push)-ive

adj.不引人注目的 [Not conspicuous or attracting attention.]

  ex. A good anti-virus program is efficient and unobtrusive.




unprepossessing    /ˌʌnpripǝˈzɛsɪŋ/


adj.不吸引人的 [Not attractive or appealing to the eye.]

    review: page 367 or 27 for possess v.




unpalatable    /ʌnˈpæl.ə.t̬ə.bəl/


adj.難吃的 [Not pleasant to taste.]

   note: palate n. 上顎 [the top part of the inside of your mouth ]

   palate 也可以當taste 使用。






unprecedented    /ʌnˈpres·ɪˌden·tɪd/


adj.無先例的 [ never having happened or existed in the past]

   ex. Trump's decision to withdraw Pairs Climate Accord is unprecedented.






unpremeditated    /ˌʌnprɪˈmɛdɪteɪt/


adj.非預謀的 [(especially of a crime or something unpleasant) done without being planned]

  ex. Nowadays, there are many reports of unpremeditated sexual assault against drunk women after night club.

  note: meditate on sth v.深思熟慮




unpretentious    /ˌʌn.prɪˈten.ʃəs/


adj.不矯飾的, 謙遜的 [ Not attempting to impress others with an appearance of greater importance, talent, or culture than is actually possessed. ]

  ex.Some high-class restaurants have fancy interior designs, but this famous Japanese restaurant doesn't.  It has unpretentious looking but superb food.





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