tragedy    /ˈtrædʒədɪ/

n.悲劇 [terrible event that causes great sadness]

  ex. The April 25 earthquake in Nepal was indeed a tragedy; the dead toll topped 8000.

  ps. tragedian /trə'dʒɪːdɪən/ n.悲劇演員


 An Introduction to Greek Tragedy







trait    /tret/

n.人的個性; 顯著的特點 [element in sb's personality; distinguishing characteristic]

  ex.  When people describe my traits, "enthusiastic", "creative" and "earnest"  are usually on the list.


Trait Theory

( very good and instructive video )








traitor    /ˋtretɚ/

n.背叛者 [A person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.]

  ex. With hundreds of North Korea's elite watching, General Hyon was executed on charges of being a traitor. (from New York Times May 12, 2015)

  ex. Do you think LeBron James is a traitor to Miami Heat's fans?


 note: betray v.背叛 v.透露

          treason n.叛國









trajectory    /trəˋdʒɛktərɪ/

tra(=trans; cross)-ject(to throw)-ory 

n.軌跡 [The path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces]

  note: 常見的 ject 字根組成單字還有, eject, reject.


 Firearm Science: Bullet Trajectory








trample    /ˋtræmpl/

v.踩踏 [to cause damage or pain by walking or stepping heavily on something or someone]

  ex. Facebook "tramples" on European privacy law by tracking people without consent, Belgium's privacy watchdog has said. ( from BBC May 15, 2015 )

  ex. My dogs chased in the yard, but then they jumped out of the fence, and trampled my neighbor's flowers...


  review: stamp (p.446)

  ex. She stamped her foot angrily when finding her notebook was stolen.







trance    /træns/

n.出神,催眠狀態 [A half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium]

  小知識: Trance music 是指一種 電子舞曲音樂(electronic dance music)的種類,發展於德國。它的特色有經常重覆旋律,且有在整首音樂中會有獨特的上揚與下降形式(亢奮與放鬆),會有讓人出神、被催眠的感覺。



 similar word:

 stupor n. (因為太醉了而神智不清)

 hypnosis n. 催眠狀態


100 Best Vocal Trance Of All Time 2 of 3 God's Compilation 60 2014









tranquility    /træŋˈkwɪlɪti/


n. [ the state of being free from disturbance]

  note: 滿常出現的單字.

  ex. In every morning I  prepare a cup of coffee and sip it leisurely, and enjoy the tranquility and solitude.


Relaxing Meditation Music with Ocean Views, 2 ½ Hours of Tranquility








transaction    /trænzˋækʃən/

trans(across, through)-act(to drive)-ion

n. [An instance of buying or selling something; a business deal]

  ex. In the U.S. most banks offer mobile banking, such that you check your transaction record on your smart phone.


How Does Credit Card Processing Work? - Principis Capital




1.表示"橫穿","橫斷" [across]

2.表示"在(到)...的另一邊" [through]

3.表示"超越" [beyond]






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