thorn    /θɔrn/

n.刺, 棘刺 [sharp pointed growth on the stem of a plant]

  ex. The thorns on the roses

  ex. Kobe's basketball style has been a thorn with the other teammates.

  note: a thorn in someone's side

  ex. Terrorism is a thorn in the side of world peace.


  note: thorny adj.多刺的, 難處理的

thornback_ray thorn







throne    /θron/

n.國王﹑ 君主﹑ 主教等的寶座 [A ceremonial chair for a sovereign, bishop, or similar figure.]

  note: 像stone

  字源: 在希臘的字彙中 thronos, 是指椅子或座位。

n.王權; 王位


Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones







throng   /θrɔŋ/

n.擁擠的人群'或動物 [A large, densely packed crowd of people or animals]

  記: Sing a song when you get stuck inside a throng of people.

   ex. Every morning, many Japanese commuters have to get through a throng a people, and squeeze into a metro train.









thread    /θrɛd/

n.線 [A long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, or other fibers used in sewing or weaving.]

  ex. I tried to tailor my overlong jeans, and used a needle and thread to fold the end of the jeans.

  note: mult-thread

n. [A group of linked messages posted on an Internet forum that share a common subject or theme. ]

  ex. He posts a video that ridicules and criticizes Chinese people don't care intellectual property right, and the following comment thread goes over 10 pages.


 Threaded Needlethread2







threadbare    /ˈθrɛdˌbɛər/

adj.因穿久而破爛的 [(Of cloth, clothing, or soft furnishings) becoming thin and tattered with age]

   ex. I wore this pair of jeans for entire two years, and now it is really threadbare, and color is totally different from the one I saw two years ago.








threat    /θrɛt/

n.威脅 [expression of one's intention to punish or harm sb; A person or thing likely to cause damage or danger]

  ex. Major Ko. received death threats and the police have not identified who sent this letter.


Tips, Skills, and Drills: Triple Threat








thrive    /θraɪv/

v.茁壯成長 [grow or develop well or vigorously]

   ex. PTT is a thriving community. It covers more and more discussion groups, that also appeal to more and more users.

   ex. Although our charity program is still small but thriving very quickly. This year we raise two times of the fund than previous year. 








throwback    /θroˌbæk/

n. [A reversion to an earlier ancestral characteristic]

  note: throwback 並不是很常使用的字。 a throwback is an old thing.

  ex. This interior design is a mix of modern fashion and throwbacks to middle age.

  ex. The song is a throwback to the 50's Rock 'n' Roll.

  note: setback n.挫折


 Rock & Roll 50's Mix









thrust    /θrʌst/

v.猛然或用力推 [Push (something or someone) suddenly or violently in the specified direction]

  note: 過去式與過去分詞都是thrust.

  ex. Air jet thrusts the airplane to move forward.

  ex. Kobe Bryant looked angry and was ready to have a fight, but the coach very soon thrust him back to the bench.


 Boeing 747 - 400 Amazing Landing and Reverse Thrust Spray - Eva Air









thwart    /θwɔrt/

v.阻撓 [Prevent (someone) from accomplishing something]

  note: 是個很用的字。 similar word: obstruct, impede, prevent, oppose.

  note: they want art, don't thwart their ambitions.

  ex. The superman once again thwarts the villain's plot and saves the world.

  ex. Young people hope the new policy will thwart the trend of raising house price.








tickle    /ˋtɪkl/


  ex. my sister tickles me in the ribs.


Boston Terrier dog likes his belly tickled! Funny face ~ CUTE!







tickler    /ˈtɪk lər/


n. [A thing that tickles.]

  note: 在北美 Tickler file 是一種資料夾,它有分類系統。

Tickler File Demonstration








ticklish    /'tɪklɪʃ/


adj.怕癢的 [Sensitive to being tickled]

   note: 當只用來人的時候,ticklish指的是怕癢、很敏感於搔癢。

adj. [ (Of a situation or problem) difficult to deal with; requiring careful handling]

  note: 當用來形容問題時,ticklish指的是問題很難處理,需要特別的用心。

   ex. When talking to a girl or guy you are interested in, every question seems become ticklish, since you may want him/her to get positive impression.

   ex. The Greek debt crisis is a ticklish problem to the debt holders.


The European Debt Crisis Visualized 








tidy    /ˋtaɪdɪ/

adj.整齊的 [Arranged neatly and in order]

  ex. My sister always keeps her room tidy, and she cleans her room everyday.

v.整理 [  make (sth/sb/oneself) tidy ]

  ex. "Kids, it is the time to tidy up your rooms", Mom says.



Having trouble with kids tidying up after themselves? Well, you won't anymore as they dance and shake it all around to the rhumbatastic tune and make tidying up a whole new fun experience!









tiff    /tɪf/

n. [A petty quarrel, especially one between friends or lovers]

  ex. My brother and his grilfriend like to use a tiff as a way to say goodbye, such as asks him how much he loves her.

  ex. I have a tiff with a girl I am dating with.

 note: 程度 tiff < squabble <quarrel、dispute

  see: miff at p.310








tightfisted    /ˈtaɪtˈfɪs tɪd/


adj.吝嗇的 [Not willing to spend or give much money; miserly.]

  note: tighfisted不是很常見的一個字,他的組合是 tight(緊) + fist(拳頭), 所以代表手抓錢抓的很緊,引伸成吝嗇的意思。

  ex.  My tighfisted parents never gave me allowance. 



similar word: stingy, miserly(即使必需品也很不願買地吝嗇), parsimonious (super stingy)

  ex. My wife is so stingy. When I asked for increasing the allowance by $50 a week, she complained all the week. So I gave up.

  ex. My boss is parsimonious about tips for waiters. It seems like even giving one penny will kill him.

  ex.  This man is miserly with his money. When he gets sick, he doesn't go to see any doctor. He never holds a party, but frequently goes to other people's parties to take free food.








tilt    /tɪlt/

v.使傾斜 [(cause sth to) move into a sloping position]

  ex. His head is tilted to the side, showing he may not totally agree with what is she talking about.

  ex. She tilts her head back, a symbol that she is shocked.



 Lesson on Tilts







timber    /ˋtɪmbɚ/

n.建築或木工用的木材 [wood prepared for use in building or carpentry]

  note: 或者是適合當作這樣用途(建築)的樹木

  ex. The rainforest is being cleared legally and illegally for timber, for pulp wood to make paper, and to make way for oil palm plantations.


note1: timbre n.樂器的音色

note2: lumber  p.296 n. 裁切成板子好的木材, v. 笨重地移動著。

note3: timberland 是一款鞋子的品牌。







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