n. [the quality or condition of being superior.]

  ex.  The education system in U.S. is superior to the one in China, that is why U.S. can attract so many top Chinese students to do researches every year.

  ex.  Superiority means advantages. Superiority means the best. Russia has the absolute superiority over any countries to show off his power regarding to Ukraine.


superior adj.(地位等)較高的 <--> inferior adj.(地位等)低等的

exterior adj.外部的  <--> interior adj.內部的

prior adj.優先的







supernova    /ˏsupɚˋnovə/


n. [star that suddenly becomes very much brighter as a result of an explosion]

  ex. wiki: SN 2014J is a type-Ia supernova in Messier 82  discovered in mid-January 2014. It is the closest type-Ia supernova discovered in the past 42 years

  note: nova, 是賣筆電的商場..,但在天文學中是有意義的唷。

Supernova 1987A







supersede    /supɚˋsid/


v. [to replace in power, authority, effectiveness, acceptance, use, etc.]

  note: 拉丁文的意思是 to sit on top on something. 意思是說由新的事物坐在舊的事物之上。

   ex. Factory workers may be entirely superseded by machines one day.

   ex. Satya Nadella who superseded Steve Ballmer leads Microsoft into more software preferable strategy instead of sticking in hardware. 







supervise    /ˏsupɚˋvaɪz/


v.監督 [watch or otherwise keep a check on to make sure it is done properly]

  ex. When you are assigned a TA job, you may need to be a proctor to supervise the examination for your class professors.

  ex. The drug that can cause abortion should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

  note: 關於監督的整理可以看page.338






supine     /suˋpaɪn/

adj.仰臥的 [lying flat on the back,face upwards ]

 note: prone adj.俯臥的

  ex. Roughly one baby in five under the age of 6 months develops a skull deformation caused by lying in a supine position.

  ex. the dog is happy now, he lays in a supine position.

adj.消極的; 懶散的 [if you describe someone as supine, you mean that they let events happen because they are too lazy or afraid to influence them.]

  ex. Approaching 5 PM , our employees are supine and inactive so that they just leave the work for tomorrow.







supplant    /səˋplænt/


v.取代 [take the place of (sb/sth); replace ]

  note: 字面上的意思是在腳底下,在古早指的是擊敗,所以到了當代,就有replace的意思了,因為擊敗某個東西,就常會改朝換代。

  ex. Many CRT TVs are supplanted by LCD TV, because customers love its thin and stylish design.






supple    /ˋsʌpl/

sub-ple(to fold)

adj.柔軟的 [bent or bending easily; not stiff; flexible]

   ex.The gymnast has a very supple body, so that she can jump, rotate and exert muscles very gracefully and softly.

   similar word (adj.): pliant, limber









supplement    /ˋsʌpləmənt/

sub-ple(to fill)-ment (note: supply)

n.增補 [thing added to sth else to improve or complete it]

  note: 在美國聽到supplement這個字,很容易想到的是nutritional supplement, 營養補充物,指的是正常飲食外攝取的補充。,像是綜合維他命 (a multiple vitamin supplement)

  note: supplement也可以指書、雜誌,的後來增補,或特別刊物。 ex. the supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary.

  note: 另外一個情況,supplement也可以指工作額外的錢。

  ex. teaching young kids at the weekend is a good supplement to my ordinary income.


v. [add to or complete sth with sth else]

  ex. She supplements her diet with vitamin tablets.







supplicate    /ˋsʌplɪˏket/

sub-plic-ate  note: Latin supplicare, "to kneel."

v. [ask (sb) humbly or pleadingly for sth]

  ex. People supplicate to God for helping them safe and rescued from the imminent airplane accident. (Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 story..)






supplicant    /sʌpləkənt/


n.懇求者 [ the people who supplicate]

  ex. My gradmom, a supplicant to God, prays before she does anything.






suppliant    /ˋsʌplɪənt/


n. = supplicant

adj. [expressive of supplication, as words, actions, etc.]

  ex. The thief told to the judges in a suppliant manner to supplicate not to kill him.






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