This is my record for installing GTK 1.2 in Ubuntu 11.10.

I have searched the way to install it at many websites, but they don't provide the enough information. I hope this article can help those who seeking the way to install it like me.


The story began from a software program called Gnuscope which was developed in my lab by a graduate student probably 10 years ago. The Gnuscope is a software program for analyzing the gamma ray spectrum and it requires GTK1.2. The point is the recent version of Ubuntu doesn't support GTK1.2 any longer. The only way is to manually install GTK1.2. (Actually, the problem is not only GTK1.2 but also the makefile of the Gnuscope; I don't want to discuss this part here, since it is kind of detour for the instruction of installing GTK1.2)


All right.

It seems a trivial task at the first glance, however it turns out to be kind of difficult. First you get to install the 5 files:

1    libglib1.2ldbl_1.2.10-19build1_i386.deb

2    libglib1.2-dev_1.2.10-19build1_i386.deb

3    libgtk1.2-common_1.2.10-18.1build2_all.deb

4    libgtk1.2_1.2.10-18.1build2_i386.deb

5    libgtk1.2-dev_1.2.10-18.1build2_i386.deb

( you may download here)

NOTICE, this file is for 32 bit Ubuntu and the order is important.  If you don't follow the order, you will find the dependency error during the installation. Anyway you can type the command for several times:

    sudo dpkg -i *.deb

If you have a problem to install libgtk1.2-dev_1.2.10-18.1build2_i386.deb and get dependency error.

You need to install additional 3 packages:


The most easiest way I know is using "synaptic" to install these 3 packages. Trust me, if you try to google them and then download them and install them, you still get dependency problems to install them... It seems an endless loop to solve dependency problems. You can use Ubuntu software center to install the synaptic package. After installation, search these three files, and happily install them.

Then type:
sudo dpkg -i libgtk1.2-dev_1.2.10-18.1build2_i386.deb

it should be all set~~~!



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