pulley (ˈpʊlɪ)

n.滑輪 [a wheel with a grooved rim in which a rope, chain, or belt can run in order to change the direction or point of application of a force applied to the rope, etc]










n.紙漿 [soft mass of wood fibre, used for making paper]

ps. a pulp novel











n.脈搏 [beating of the arteries as blood is pumped through them by the heart]

ps. Pulsar

ex. pulse of the drums

v. [move with strong regular movements]

ex. the life is pulsing through a great city 大都市裡緊張繁忙的生活


字源:from L. pellere "to push, drive,"

ps. Quasar











pulver( L. pulvis ;dust)-ize powder

v.磨成粉 [ grind or smash (sth) to powder or dust]

ps. a machine that pulverizes nuts, coffee beans, etc

ex. to pulverize coffee beans in grinder

v. [destroy or defeat (sb/sth) completely]

ex. Construction crews pulverize a building using wrecking balls and sometimes even explosives.












v.用拳猛擊 [strike (sb/sth) hard with the fist]

ps. punch 也是打孔機的意思

n.一擊 [blow given with the fist]

ps.drink made of wine or spirits mixed with hot or cold water, sugar, lemons, spice, etc










n.雙關語 [humorous use of a word that has two meanings or of different words that sound the same]

ps. Atheism(無神論) is a non-prophet institution.



はれる= 晴れる、腫れる







pung  == to prick 刺


acu punct ure n.針灸
ex pung e v.刪除 (刪除多餘的文字)
punct ure n.刺孔 v.刺穿
punct ilious adj.一絲不苟的
pung ent adj.有刺激味的(味道或氣味)










punct(to prick, pierce)-ure

n. [small hole made by a sharp point, ex one made accidentally in a tire]

ex.  I got a puncture on the way and arrived late.

v. [ make a puncture in (sth)]

ex. puncture a tire, a balloon.

ex. She was taken to hospital with a punctured lung. 她因肺部被刺破而送進了醫院


字源:from L. punctus , prop. pp. of pungere "to prick, pierce"











adj.一絲不苟的 [marked by or concerned about precise accordance with the details of codes or conventions]

ex. a punctilious attention to detail 對細節一絲不苟

ex. a punctilious observance(p.329) of the formalities 禮節上的拘謹.

字源:from It. puntiglioso , from puntiglio "fine point," from L. punctum "prick"




ps. punctual

adj. 準時的

ex. a punctual start to the meeting











adj.有刺激味的(味道或氣味) [having a sharp or strong taste or smell]





pungent  implies a sharp, stinging, or biting quality especially of odors

ex. a cheese with a pungent odor.



adj. agreeably pungent or sharp in taste or flavor

piquant suggests a power to whet the appetite or interest through tartness or mild pungency <a piquant sauce>.



adj. affecting one's feelings deeply, making one sad, full of pity, etc

poignant suggests something is sharply or piercingly effective in stirring one's emotions <felt a poignant sense of loss>.



piquant (ˈpiːkəntt)

piqu e -ant

ex. 甜辣醬



poignant adj.辛酸的

point n.尖、點












n. [a person who gives opinions in an authoritative manner usually through the mass media ]

ex. Market pundits have already been changing their views on some types of defaults. (from New York Times Jul 31, 2011)


字源:from Hindi payndit "a learned man, master, teacher"

wiki: pundit in India, a scholar or expert, especially of traditional Indian law, philosophy, or music










adj.弱小的 [small, weak and underdeveloped]

ex. puny limbs, muscles

ps. inferior physique













n. [ firm hold or grip for pulling or raising sth, preventing it from slipping, etc; leverage]

ps. 為拉動或升舉某物﹑ 防止滑落等

ex. The climbers had difficulty getting any purchase on the rock face.



Louisiana Purchase, an acquisition by the United States of French territory in 1803

Gadsden Purchase, territory bought by the United States from Mexico in 1853

Alaska purchase, deal between Russia and United States in 1867












v. [make sb clean or pure by removing (evil, sin, etc)]

ex. Catholics go to confession to purge away their sin.

v. [remove]

ex. the traitors were purged.

n. [action of ridding (a political party, state, etc) of people who are considered undesirable]

ex. a purge of disloyal members










n. [laxative]

ps. lax(loose)-ative

ps. constipation, diarrhea











purg e (pure)-atory

n. [a place or state of punishment wherein according to Roman Catholic doctrine the souls of those who die in God's grace may make satisfaction for past sins and so become fit for heaven]





ps. Yale Open Course : Dante










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