pre-eminent (review p.172)

adj. [eminent above or before others; superior; surpassing]

ex. He is preeminent in his profession.








v.先佔 [to occupy (land) in order to establish a prior right to buy.]

v. [to acquire or appropriate before someone else]



字源:1840–50, Americanism ;  back formation from "preemption"

"preemption"= before buy. Medieval Latin praeëmpt ( us ) bought beforehand (past participle of praeëmere ) + -ion. See pre-, emptor








v. 指鳥用喙整理(羽毛) [(of animals, especially birds) to trim or dress (feathers, fur, etc.) with the beak or tongue]

v. [to dress (oneself) carefully or smartly; primp]

ex. The king preened himself in his elaborate ceremonial robes.


v. [to pride or congratulate (oneself) for achievement]









preface (review p.368)

n.序文, 序言[introductory statement at the beginning of a book, esp one that explains the author's aims]





preface       n.序言  [常用於book, literary work]

foreword     n.序言  [常用於book, 特別指別人為作者寫的序言 ]

preamble    n.序言  [常用於 statute 、deed]






pre(before)-gnant( be born)

adj.懷孕的 [having a baby or young animal developing in the womb]

ex. She was six months pregnant.

adj. [rich in significance or implication ; abounding in fancy, wit, or resourcefulness]

ex. There was a pregnant pause before she answered my question. 她耐人尋味地停頓了一下才回答我的問題









adj. [of or pertaining to the time or a period prior to recorded history]

ex, The dinosaur is a prehistoric beast.







adj. [relating to a society that has not developed a written language]

ex. a preliterate culture.


wiki: The Zo'é Tribe (also known as Zo'é or the Marrying tribe) are a native tribe in the State of Pará, Municipality of Óbidos, on the Cuminapanema River, Brazil


review p.293

字根liter == letter 文字

liter-al adj.照字面的、逐字的    
      il-liter-acy   n.文盲
liter-ate a.能讀寫的、受過教育的 (有文學知識的) // il-liter-ate   a.不會讀寫的
liter-ature n.文學    
liter-ary n.文人[-ary 為集合名詞]   adj.文學的    
liter-atus n.文人、學者// liter-ati 複數    








n. wiki: A prejudice is a prejudgment, an assumption made about someone or something before having adequate knowledge to be able to do so with guaranteed accuracy. The word prejudice is most commonly used to refer to preconceived judgments toward people or a person because of race, social class, gender, ethnicity, homelessness, age, disability, obesity, religion, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics. It also means beliefs without knowledge of the facts and may include "any unreasonable attitude that is unusually resistant to rational influence."







pre-limin(~limit; threshold)-ary

adj. [occurring before or in preparation; introductory]

ex. preliminary inquiries, experiments, negotiations初步的調查﹑ 實驗﹑ 談判

ex. a preliminary contest, heat, round, etc, ie held before a main contest in order to eliminate weaker players or teams

n. [a preliminary event or occurrence]






prelude ( p.368)


n. 前奏曲


Bach - Cello Suite No.1 i-Prelude











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