postulate    /ˈpɑstʃǝˌlеt/

v. [to assume to be true or existent; take for granted]

  ex. to postulate the speed of light is constant


ps. 可review p.41


postulate、posit  有事實根據的假設、較肯定。

postulate and posit denote the assertion of the existence, reality, necessity, or truth of something as the basis for reasoning or argument:

"We postulate that light speed is constant, because it could explain many results of experiment"



assume  無事實根據的假設。

To assume is to accept something as existing or being true without proof or on inconclusive grounds

"We assume he won't be angry"


我們就assume 原子核那是圓的,then用我們的modal來計算。







poster    /ˈpoʊ‧stər/

n.海報 [ large placard displayed in a public place]

  ex. a poster advertising the circus 宣傳馬戲團的海報








posture    /ˈpɑs‧tʃər/

n.姿勢 [the position or bearing of the body whether characteristic or assumed for a special purpose ] c.f. pose

n. [ posture is an attitude that you have towards something]

  ex. The military machine is ready to change its defensive posture to one prepared for action.







posse    /ˈpɒsɪ/

n. [A posse of people is a group of people with the same job or purpose.]

n.地方武裝團隊  [In former times, in the United States, a posse was a group of men who were brought together by the local law officer to help him chase and capture a criminal.]



The term derives from the Latin posse comitatūs, "to have the right to an armed retinue", in English use from the late 16th century, shortened to posse from the mid 17th century. While the original meaning refers to a group of citizens assembled by the authorities to deal with an emergency (such as suppressing a riot or pursuing felons), the term posse is also used for any force or band, especially with hostile intent, often also figuratively or humorously.








possessed    /pəˈzest/

adj. [influenced or controlled by something (as an evil spirit, a passion, or an idea)  and urgently desirous to do or have something]

 《大法師》(The Exorcist)是一部1973年的美國恐怖片,改編自1971年威廉‧彼得‧佈雷迪的同名小說。故事描述一個被惡靈附身的小女孩,她的母親試過各種途徑來治療小女孩,但都無效,最後只好請神父來為小女孩進行驅魔儀式。本片的演員有艾蓮‧伯斯坦、琳達‧布萊兒、麥斯‧馮‧西度、Kitty Winn、Lee J. Cobb及傑森‧米勒等。電影和小說的靈感都來自於1949年一件幫14歲小男童驅魔的真實事件。



review p.27



sed,sess 是坐的意思

pos + sess  

v.擁有,迷住[control one's mind]
[ port + sess]     (pos 是 port變過來的,其意為toward)
ex. He decided to give away everything he possessed and become a monk.

possess-ed   adj.著迷的
possess-ion   n.財產    [擁有之物-->財產]
pre-possess   v.預先擁有
pre-possess-ing   adj.給人好印象的  [預先迷住]
unpre-possess-ing   adj.不吸引人的






postpone    /pəˈspəʊn/

post(after)-pon(put)-e    ps. postdoctoral scholar

v.推遲, 延遲 [to put off to a later time; defer]

  ex. The match was postponed to the following Saturday because of bad weather.







n. [a container made of earthenware, glass, or similar material; usually round and deep, often having a handle and lid, used for cooking and other domestic purposes]




potable    /ˈpəʊtəb(ə)l/


adj. [fit to drink; drinkable]

  ex. potable water






potation    /pə(ʊ)ˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

n. [the act of drinking]

n.飲料; (尤指)酒. [drink, esp an alcoholic one ]






potent    /ˈpotṇt/

adj.強有力的 [powerful; having or wielding force, authority, or influence; chemically or medicinally effective ]

  ex. potent weapon

  ex.potent argument for proving this problem.




potential    /pəˈten‧tʃəl/


adj.可能的 [that can or may come into existence; possible]

  ex. potential customers




potentate    /ˈpəʊ.tən.teɪt/


n.有權勢的人 [a person who possesses great power, as a sovereign, monarch, or ruler.]

   wiki: Potentate (from the Latin potens, 'powerful') is an informal term for a person with potent, usually supreme, power.




potentiate    /pə(ʊ)ˈtɛnʃɪeɪt/


v. [to cause to be potent; make powerful; to make effective or active or more effective or more active ]

  ex. potentiate the action of antibiotic














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