pale / pel/

adj.蒼白的,灰白的 [ having little color; having less color than usual]

ex. She was pale with fear.

ex. She has a pale complexion.


字源:from L. pallidus "pale, pallid, wan"






pallid / ˋpælɪd/

adj. =pale [Having an abnormally pale or wan complexion: the pallid face of the invalid.]

ex. His dry pallid face often looked gaunt.


from L. pallidus "pale"

Pallid Bat








pall / pɔl/

n.棺罩 [A cover for a coffin, bier, or tomb, often made of black, purple.]

n. 深色的或厚重的覆蓋物 [A covering that darkens or obscures]

ex.(常見用的用法) A pall of smoke hung over the town. 市鎮上空籠罩著煙幕.

v.感到乏味(因過多或過久) [To become insipid, boring, or wearisome.]

ex. The pleasures of sunbathing began to pall (on us) after a week on the beach.
我們在沙灘待了一週之後, 對日光浴已興致大減.


字源:pall原始的意思是cloak (披風)








palliate /ˋpælɪˏet/


v. [make(esp a pain or disease) less severe or unpleasant, without removing its cause; alleviate]

ps. 也可以指 減輕or掩飾罪行過失

ex. I  never attempt to palliate my own foible by exposing the error of another .




abate, allay,alleviate, assuage

exculpate, extenuate









palliative / ˋpælɪˏetɪv/

palliate -ive

adj. [serving to palliate]

ex. palliative care = 安寧治療

n.安慰劑 [Relieving or soothing the symptoms of a disease or disorder without effecting a cure.]


可以聽一下之前的 podcast

Palliative Care









palmy /pɑːmɪ/

adj.多棕櫚的, 繁榮的 [Of or relating to palm trees, Prosperous; flourishing]

ex. This country enjoyed palmy days in the early sixties





palpitate / ˋpælpəˏtet/

palp it -ate

v.心悸, 心臟急速跳動 [to pulsate with unusual rapidity from  emotion, disease, etc.]

ps. If someone's heart palpitates, it beats very fast in an irregular way, because they are frightened or anxious.

ex. when she won the champion, her heart palpitated.

字源:from L. palp are "touch gently, stroke",進而形成 L. palp itare "to throb, to flutter,"





palpable / ˋpælpəbl/


adj.摸得出的 [capable of being touched or felt; tangible.]

ex. Although my parents live away from me now, their love is still palpable to me . That is a very important support when I feel sad and hopeless. (2014增)

adj.明顯的 [=obvious; readily or plainly seen, heard, perceived, etc.]

ex.  a palpable lie; palpable absurdity.

字源:from L. palpare  "touch gently, stroke",因此palpable的概念就是touchable

音:palpa = 拍拍 ;摸的到


ps. palpitate -->  palpable -->  impalpable









palter /'pɔːltər/

v.說模棱兩可的話 [=equivocate; to act insincerely or deceitfully]

ps. paltering is to use vague language in order to deceive people or to avoid speaking the truth.

ex. Please answer my questions quickly and properly, not palter with them.

ex. When the magician was asked how can he get a piece of French toast out of his hand. He paltered, just saying it was a art, for denying that he used video editing. (2014增)


p erson + alter ~~這個person常常改變他的藉口,他一定是在paltering






paltry /ˋpɔltrɪ/

adj.無價值的、不重要的 [=trivial;very small, unimportant]

ex. a paltry wage

ex. Every employee is angry about the paltry salary rais e and poor retirement package. Rising only 1 NTD per month is just a humiliating way to appreciate the employees' hard work. (2014增)






pal try   adj.無價值的、不重要的
pan try   n.食品室 [a room for storing food] (想成跟平底鍋pan有關)
pas try   n.糕點 (想成跟paste漿糊、麵糰一樣黏黏的)










pamphlet /ˋpæmflɪt/

n.小冊子 [small book with a paper cover, usu containing information on a subject of public interest or expressing a political opinion]

ps. 就是沒有硬cover的小冊子,他可以是一頁雙面列印,也可以是一大頁然後折成很多頁的那種小冊子。









v. 嚴厲批評 (infml 口) [criticize (sth) severely]

ex. The film was panned by the critics.


ps.1 pan- 當字首的時候 是指 "all" 是從希臘的字首來的

ps.2 Pan is the Greek god of shepherds, the people who watch and keep sheep. Pan is a half-man, half-animal who live in the forest.








panacea /ˏpænəˋsɪə/

pan(all)-ac( =Gk. akos ; from Gk. iasthai to heal )-ea(ia; 病)

n.治百病的藥 [a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all」

ex. There's no single panacea for the country's economic ills.









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