n. [number of things wrapped or tied together for carrying, esp on the back .]

ps. backpack = 背包

n. [small paper or cardboard container in which goods are packed for selling]

ex. a six-pack of beer

ps. package = 包裹

n. [A group of animals, such as dogs or wolves, that run and hunt together.]

ex.wolves hunt in packs. 狼總是成群獵食


v. [put sth into a container for transport or storing]

ex. All these books need to be packed into boxes.






adj.擠得滿滿的 = compressed







n.條約 [A formal agreement, such as one between nations; a treaty.]

ex. Last month he signed a new non-aggression pact (互不侵犯條約)with Germany.


Some notable international pacts include:

North Atlantic pact, 就是NATO。簡單的說,就是蘇聯(現在的俄羅斯)打過來歐洲,或是要去打美國,NATO的會員國可以一起防禦。

Soviet–Japanese Neutrality Pact, 蘇日互不侵犯條約。指蘇聯與大日本帝國於第二次世界大戰期間為了互相保證戰事維持中立而於1941年所簽訂的條約。







n.墊塞 [material, as cotton or straw, used to pad something.]

ex. the foam rubber padding on the headphones


ps. BT Bitcomet中很多padding檔,那是告訴你,你沒用他的BT軟體

要瞭解padding,就要知道什麼是pad [A thin, cushionlike mass of soft material used to fill, to give shape, or to protect against jarring, scraping, or other injury.] 像墊肩就是 shoulder pads,水餃墊叫bra pads。狗狗腳掌軟軟的地方也叫做pad唷。

pad當動詞的時候,就是指fill or cover (sth) with soft material, esp in order to protect it or give it a particular shape or increase its size






p a e a n

n. [An ancient Greek hymn of thanksgiving or invocation, especially to Apollo.]

n. [A song of joyful praise or exultation.]




Paean, Paean, Paean, Paean!
Paean! Phoebus Apollo!Phoebus Apollo, Phoebus!
Titan, Titan, Titan, Titan!
Fiery, Bearer of Light!
Fiery, Bearer of Light!
Apollo, Fiery!
Come, Come, Come, Come!
Seer, leader of the Muses!
Phoebus Apollo!
Seer, leader of the Muses!
Fiery, Bearer of Light!
Paean, Paean, Paean, Paean!
Phoebus Apollo!
Paean, Paean, Paean, Paean!
Phoebus Apollo!





n. [An adherent of a polytheistic religion in antiquity, especially when viewed in contrast to an adherent of a monotheistic religion.]

ps.所以pagan也稱為異教徒,因為他們信仰的非基督教﹑ 猶太教或回教教徒(monotheistic religion)。

n. [One who has no religion.]


音:匹更 --pagan在那邊匹更匹更匹更的唱著






n.露天演出的歷史劇 [An elaborate public dramatic presentation that usually depicts a historical or traditional event.]


聯想: page + ant(螞蟻)

字源:late 14c., "play in a cycle of mystery plays," from M.L. pagina , perhaps from L. pagina "page of a book"  on notion of "manuscript" of a play" .

ps. pageant更常用的意思是--盛裝的遊行,a beauty pageant就是指選美比賽。

Weirdest Pageant Moments: infoMania








n.止痛藥 [a drug which reduces or stops physical pain]





pain s taking


adj.勤勉小心的 [= meticulous; Marked by or requiring great pains; very careful and diligent]

ps. A painstaking search, examination, or investigation is done extremely carefully and thoroughly.





n.上顎 [ The roof of the mouth in vertebrates having a complete or partial separation of the oral and nasal cavities and consisting of the hard palate and the soft palate.]

n.味覺; 品味的能力 [sense of taste; ability to distinguish one taste from another]

ex. have a good palate for fine wine


聯想: p a late ≒ plate 盤子





palate n.上顎、味覺; 品味的能力 [想成像盤子plate]

palat-able adj.美味的、合意的 // unpalat-able adj.不美味的、不合意的


palace n.宮殿 [蕾絲舞會]

palat-ial adj.有宮殿特色的、宏偉的


palaver v.fuss or bother, often with a lot of talking
[ 想成在palace 裡面的人擅長palaver, palace + lava]












[The official residence of a royal personage.]

ex. Buckingham Palace 白金漢宮

聯想: pa rty + lace 蕾絲舞會 = 皇宮

字源:palace來自於古代羅馬中,七座hill中的其中一座的名字"the Palatine Hill"  在那上面有Augustus Caesar住的房子。






palace-ial  (c+ial = tial)

adj.像宮殿的[ like a palace; extremely large or splendid]

ex. a palatial Hollywood mansion.








pal ette

n.調色板 [A board, typically with a hole for the thumb, which an artist can hold while painting and on which colors are mixed.]

n. [The range of colors used in a particular painting or by a particular artist]

ex. He paints from a palette consisting almost exclusively of grey and mud brown.


字的結構: -ette 這個字尾是個很典型的法文字尾,代表small thing的意思。

你可以聯想,小畫家(painter)中有 調色盤(pal ette )











adj. 舊石器時代的 [Of or relating to the cultural period of the Stone Age beginning with the earliest chipped stone tools, about 750,000 years ago, until the beginning of the Mesolithic Period, about 15,000 years ago.]


字源:paleo-"Gk.old" + -lithos "stone."


The Paleo Diet -- 他在推廣 paleo cockbook


review p.323 neolithic 新石器時代的




paleo nt ology


n. 古生物學 [ The study of the forms of life existing in prehistoric or geologic times, as represented by the fossils of plants, animals, and other organisms.]

ex. 研究恐龍, 古代的植物


Paleontology and Evolution


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