v. [To watch over ; supervise]

ex. You must employ someone to oversee the project.



overlook oversee oversight
v.沒注意到   n.疏忽大意
v.監督 v.監督 n.監督


監督 = supervise = superintend   // oversight n.監督

supervise v.監督

superintend v.監督










v.使陰暗 [To cast a shadow over; darken or obscure]

ex. a village is overshadowed by mountains.

v. [to be more important or significant by comparison]

ps. 比方說,伴娘太正了overshadow了新娘,所以不正也是優勢的。

ex.  Despite her professional success, she was always overshadowed by her husband.









v. 誇大的敘述,  過分強調[to state too strongly; exaggerate]

ex. to overstate one's success

ex. The authors overstated their cases with a view to catching the public's attention.

ps. 廣告常常overstate產品的效用。









adj. [open to view or knowledge; not concealed or secret]

ex. overt hostility 公開的敵意 (常用的組合詞)

ex. Although there is no overt hostility , black and white students do not mix much.



c overt adj.not open 有蓋蓋的是隱密的
overt adj.open to view or knowledge  










v.推翻, 使終止或結束 [to put an end to by force, as a government or institution.]

ex.  The rebels tried to overthrow the government.

n. [deposition from power.]


ps. 最近也有泰國的紅衫軍,他們想要overthrow Thai government










v.翻倒 [To cause to turn over or capsize ]

ex. The boat overturned. 船翻了

v.推翻, 使終止或結束 [=overthrow,To cause the ruin or destruction of]


字的概念:overturn = turns something upside down 所以帶有推翻的意思。










n.序曲 [piece of music written as an introduction to an opera, a ballet, a musical play , etc]


這邊來聽個柴可夫斯基的 1812 overture,這曲是紀念俄國在1812年打敗拿破崙的軍隊。

在首演的時候,不僅有軍樂隊,還 實際發射了加農砲 (youtube短片中也有放炮唷)。

你可以從這曲子中聽到勝利的喜悅。 每次聽這曲都覺得很爽快~~


Tchaikovsky's famous 1812 Overture Part 1

Tchaikovsky's famous 1812 Overture Part 2





preface     n.序言  [常用於book]

foreword    n.序言  [常用於book,特別指別人為作者寫的序言]

preamble    n.序言  [常用於statute、deed]


prologue    n.序言、開場白 [常用於speech、poem,亦可用於novel]

epilogue    n.尾聲、收場白


prelude       n.序幕、前奏曲 = overture [用於歌劇]

interlude     n.間奏曲

postlude     n.終曲












v.淹沒 (通常用於被動式) [cover (sth/sb) completely by flowing over or pouring down on it]

ex. being overwhelmed by a flood

ex. I was overwhelmed with homework on the weekend.

ex. be overwhelmed with grief, sorrow, despair, etc 陷入悲哀﹑ 悲痛﹑ 絕望等之中

ps. 在象徵上,可以指擊敗:be overwhelmed by the enemy










over-wrought(=worked, 之前的寫法 )

adj.過度神經緊張的 [Excessively nervous or excited; agitated.]

ex. She was in a very overwrought state after the accident.



字的概念:worked up to too high a pitch,一點點小事就緊張的不得了









owl awl

n. 貓頭鷹 [Any of various often nocturnal birds of prey of the order Strigiformes, having hooked and feathered talons, large heads with short hooked beaks, large eyes set forward, and fluffy plumage that allows for almost noiseless flight.]

ps. owl 在傳統上被認為是聰明的象徵; wise as an owl














v.使氧化 [To combine with oxygen; make into an oxide.]

ex. Aluminium is rapidly oxidized in air

字源: ox 是希臘文中Gk. oxys來的,當時的意思就是sharp, acid的意思。

在1777年的時候,由化學之父拉瓦錫(Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier)造出 Oxygen 這個字的(ox-y-gen) O 2 ,其概念就是這元素會產生酸,可能是因為他發現很多產生acide的過程都有 O 2 參與,另外他也做了一系列的實驗來研究質量守恆。

而氧化物oxide = ox ygen + ac ide



另外,我們順便談一下現在ox這個字,他是公牛的意思。但他的來源不是 Gk. oxys ,但我建議可以用聯想法一起記起來,你可以想像牛角尖尖的,所以有可以當作acid, sharp的意思。











v.實現和平  [To end war, fighting, or violence in; establish peace in]

ps.主要是to restore calm to or establish peace in; If the army or the police pacify a group of people, they use force to overcome their resistance or protests.

ex. Government forces have found it difficult to pacify the rebels.

v.平息; 安撫 [To ease the anger or agitation of.]

ex. to pacify the critics


the pacific ocean = 太平洋

love and peace



Pacify   to restore calm to or establish peace in
Mollify   stressing the soothing of hostile feelings
Conciliate   implying winning over, often by reasoning and with mutual concessions
Appease   satisfying claims or demands or tempering antagonism, often by granting concessions










n.和平主義者, 反戰論者 [a person who believes in pacifism or is opposed to war or to violence of any kind. ]



ps. pacifism --The belief that disputes between nations should and can be settled peacefully.









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