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Other than to enjoy your personal rocket, in the future you may never wanna leave the house. Your home will be self-sufficient in ways you've never dreamed of. To begin with, you won't have to go shopping. Your house will be able to make whatever you want with a revolutionary new appliance called the Digital Fabricator, or Fabber.

"Fabber is a 3-D printer, machine that can deposit a variety of materials in order to make 3-dimensional objects."

Hod Lipson's fab-at-home Fabber will make 3-D objects right on your desktop. Just as your computer printer creates 2-dimensional documents and photos, the Fabber takes this process one step further, turning digital data into solid physical objects. Instead of ink, it uses whatever material the desired object is made of.

"We start off with a computerized model of what the target object should look like, and then these different materials are extruded from the syringe layer by layer in order to gradually create the 3-dimensional objects."

Right now, Lipson's home version of the Fabber only works in simple plastics and metals. The results are still crude and take a long time to complete.

"Currently, the fab-at-home printer can fabricate something like a fork in a couple of hours. I think eventually we'll be able to use these machines to print things in a matter of minutes."

As the technology improves, there is theoretically no limit to what the Fabber can produce.

"Recently we've been able to use a Fabber to make things like a functional 3-dimensional battery, circuitry, toys, parts of robots, and even food."

Once all the kinks in this computerized cooking are worked out, your Fabber may become an essential kitchen appliance. And expectations for the device don't stop there.

"This is a very universal type of technology that's applicable to a wide variety of things, and it is conceivable that you could print even large things such as cars or houses."

While printing your own house seems like a stretch, your Fabber could download and print the latest must-haves for your home and eliminate the need for replacement parts. You will be your own factory and builder. And with the Fabber, you'll never again have to make that last-minute run to the home-improvement store.

You could imagine in the future where you shop online for items, and once you find what you want, you'll essentially purchase the blueprint and print the device you've purchased on your own desk at home.

Futuristic homes, humanoid robots, superhuman powers all represent science fiction fantasies come to life.



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