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stocky    /ˋstɑkɪ/

adj. [short, strong and solid in appearance]

  ex. Although he is quite short, only 150 cm in stature, but he can lift weights about 200 kg. He is the stockiest person I have ever met.


  note: sturdy = strong adj.

  sturdy 通常用來形容物品,比較少用於人身上,像是說桌子很耐操堅固。

  ex. This special phone is designed for the military use. Although it is over 1kg, this phone is very sturdy and hard to be damaged, also with very a long battery lifetime.







stout    /staʊt/

adj. [strong and thick]

  note: stout 當作強壯解釋,其中含有厚實的意味。用作名容物品,與sturdy的概念差不多,都是堅固耐用。

  ex. In many science labs, equipments are designed to be stout and endurable but they looks quite ugly and complicated.

  ex. For climbing snowy mountains, you have to wear stout boots.

adj. 肉肉的

  note: stout 是 fat比較好聽的說法,意思是為委婉的指人thick!

  ex. He claims his body shape is not fat but stout. He considers the true fat person is over 200kg, and it is common to have a beer belly at his age.









stodgy    /'stɑdʒɪ/

adj. [excessively conventional and unimaginative and hence dull]

  ex. High school students may think physics subject is stodgy and boring. But the truth is that students cannot fully appreciate the beauty of physics under the pressure of getting high scores, especially when they have a stodgy teacher, who only concentrates on the points.

adj.不易消化的 [heavy and starchy and hard to digest]

  ex. The pizza is delicious and soft when it is hot but so stodgy when it becomes cold and hard.







stoic    /ˋstoɪk/

n.斯多葛學派學者 [person who has great self-control and who endures pain, discomfort or misfortune without complaining or showing signs of feeling it]

   note: Stoicism (斯多葛學派) 是由雅典的Zeno所建立起的哲學主義,教導人發展自我控制來掌握那些具有破壞性的情緒,因為一個清晰無偏見的人,才有辦法瞭解宇宙中的邏輯。

adj. [not affected by or showing passion or feeling]

  ex. When my 16-year-old little sister said she was pregnant, I cannot read my father's emotion. He seemed stoic and continued to read newspapers but maybe he was too shocked to have any responses.

  ex. He was very guarded, and stoic in a way that broke your heart, she says.






stolid    /ˋstɑlɪd/

adj. [not easily stirred or moved mentally; unemotional; impassive.]

  ex. As a spy and killer, he is trained to conceal any emotions and only behaves in a stolid and cold manner. He can shoot the target and pretend nothing happened.

  ex. This basketball coach is famous for his stolidity and strictness. He is usually quiet and seldom smiles.  He will even call a timeout  if a silly mistake happens no matter how many points the team leads.







stoke    /stok/

v.添加燃料 [ to feed a fire ]

  ex. During the camping last week, she was in charge to keep the campfire burning. So she had to constantly stoke up the campfire with wood sticks or coal.

  note:  另外stoke,也可意味著激起什麼東西的意思,因為他添加燃料

  ex. the Ukrainian protest stokes up the call for the president resignation.




( Stokes theorem)

 \int_{S} \nabla \times \mathbf{F} \cdot d\mathbf{S} = \oint_{\partial S} \mathbf{F} \cdot d \mathbf{r}



( Gauss's theorem)

\int_{V} \nabla \cdot \mathbf{F} \; dV = \int_{\partial V} \mathbf{F} \cdot dS









stomach    /ˋstʌmək/


  note: 用來消化的器官。

  related word:  esophagus, belly, abdomen

  ex. My stomach is full. And if I eat more, then I will have an upset stomach.

  ex. In the opinions from Western, Chinese people has a strong stomach. It seems they can eat whatever they see, bats, insects, snakes.

  ex. I love children but I don't have a stomach to watch woman delivering. It will connect my memory of Alien invasion movies.



  ex. I cannot ever stomach bloody scenes, and that is why I don't want to be a surgery.









stonewall    /stonˋwɔl/


v. [to engage in obstructive parliamentary debate or delaying tactics ]

  note: 故意推延回答,或者是答非所問。

  ex. The spokesman of Military department only told the reporerts " These cameras have no signal at all." Nobody can believe it was the true result after a two-week investigation, and it more liked to stonewall revealing the truth.

  ex. The former president of XXX company hided the mass media for several days after being accused of causing water pollution. Today in a conference, he still stonewalls any questions of it.

 note: filibuster  v. 用超長的演講來霸佔議會,使法案不能通過










stowaway    /'stəʊweɪ/


n. [a person who hides aboard a ship or plane in the hope of getting free passage]

  note: stow ~store, = fill by packing tightly

  note: stow away 動詞片語,原本是指偷渡的意思,結合起來stowaway就變成偷渡著,免費搭車的人。

  ex. the story begins by a boy secretly stowed away on the ship that Captain James Cook sailed from England, beginning a three-year voyage around the world on a secret mission to discover an unknown continent at the bottom of the globe.  Novel "Stowaway" by by Karen Hesse

  ex. The bacteria stow away via the explorers from the Malaysian mountains, and arrive Europe.










straightforward    /ˏstretˋfɔrwɚd/


adj.簡單明瞭的 [easy to understand or do]

  ex.  It is very straightforward to use an iPad and almost each item is self-explanatory, so even a 5-year-old child can play with it.


adj.誠實的, 坦率的 [ without concealment or deception; honest ]

  ex. For saving time, let me straightforwardly point out the mistakes you got in this report. The biggest problem is that you don't have specific examples and don't have enough supporting evidence.

   note: straight adj.直的 ,(也可指非同性戀)

   ex. go straightly along this road, then you will arrive the destination in 5 min.

   ex. Both a straight or gay person should have the same human right.











strait    /stret/

n.海峽 [passage of water connecting two seas or two large areas of water]

  note: 廣義上指的是叫狹窄的Water channel.

  note: strait 還有個叫不常見的使用方法 = plight 困境

  ex. the Strait of Gibraltar 直布羅陀海峽

  ex. Taiwan Strait 台灣海峽

  ex. Taiwan Strait Crisis refer to  a short armed tension that took place between the governments of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC).

  note: isthmus: the Isthmus of Panama 巴拿馬地峽. (是個舊GRE類比的考點)









strand    /strænd/

v.擱淺 [cause (sth) to be left on the shore and unable to return to the sea]

  ex. A group of whales mysteriously stranded on Florida shore and died. Scientists still try to find out the causes.


n.線 [a single thin piece of thread, wire, hair, etc]

  ex. a strand of spaghetti, hair.

  note: 3D printing,噴出來的一條絲絲就是用strand這個字來說。像是最近維多利亞的秘密的年度走秀中,設計師用3D printing製作出了給模特兒搭的翅膀。










  ex. Due to the serious typhoon the airport had to be closed, and tourists were stranded in the airport as well.

  ex. He is stranded in a depression. He knows he has to leave it away but has no strength to start.








stratagem    /ˋstrætədʒəm/

n.計謀、策略 [trick, plan or scheme to deceive sb (esp an enemy)]

  ex. We need to have a stratagem to kill these annoying roaches in the kitchen.  First we should clean up the kitchen, and then put some roach-killing baits.

  ex. Although the stratagem of web service security is changing with time, the most fundamental thing a end user should do is to keep your operating system security up-to-date.



 note: strategy and tactics 這兩個字在廣義上與stratagem用法是一樣的。



  ex. A strategy that China uses against Taiwan is to gradually weaken the international relation between Taiwan and the other countries.


  ex. The general deployed one troop in the forest, aiming to give a raid to the enemy. However this tactics didn't work. The enemy invaded from the other direction.





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