v. [push or poke (sb/sth) with a finger or some other pointed object]

  ex. They prodded (at) the animal through the bars of its cage.

v. [make (a slow or unwilling person) do sth; urge]

  ex. She is a fairly good worker, but she needs prodding occasionally. 她幹起活來倒是相當不錯, 不過有時需要加以督促.

  ex. verbal prod



pod  n.豆莢
plod v. 沉重緩慢地走
prod v. 戳, 捅
poke v. 戳, 捅







pro(forth)-digal(to drive)

adj. [spending money or resources too freely; extravagant]

adj. [generous or lavish (with sth)]

  ex. Nature is prodigal of her gifts. 大自然不吝惜其恩賜.


wiki : Parable of the Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son, also known as the Lost Son, is one of the parables of Jesus. It appears in only one of the Canonical gospels of the New Testament. According to the Gospel of Luke (Luke 15:11-32) a younger son is given his inheritance. After wasting his fortune (the word 'prodigal' means 'wastefully extravagant'), the son returns home and repents. It is the third and final member of a trilogy on redemption, following the Parable of the Lost Sheep and the Parable of the Lost Coin.






adj.大得令人驚嘆的 [very great in size, amount or degree, so as to cause amazement or admiration]

  ex. prodigious strength






prodigy   (ˈprɒdɪdʒɪ)

n. [person with unusual or remarkable qualities or abilities]

  ex. child prodigy 

n. [amazing or wonderful thing, esp a natural phenomenon]


precocious adj.(ex.像是指兒童)在某方面早熟的, 較早具備某種能力的







pro(forth)-duc(to lead)-e     ex. education

v.生產  [create sth by making, manufacturing, growing, etc]

  ex. America produced more cars this year than last year

  ex. The soil produces good crops. 這種土壤能長出好莊稼來

n.產品; (尤指農產品) [things that have been produced , esp by farming]


ps. product







n.生產力 [ability to produce (eg goods or crops); state of being productive]









adj. [having or showing contempt for God or holy things; blasphemous]

  ex. profane behavior in church.

  ex. profane language

v.褻瀆, 冒犯神聖事物 [treat (a sacred thing) with irreverence or contempt ]


字源: "not admitted into the temple " ; "out in front of the temple"


ps. blasphemy n. (p.58) 

desecrate v.  (p.141) 








v.提供, 建議 [to present for acceptance]

  ex. proffered hand


聯想:polite + offer = proffer.








pro-fic(fac, to make)-i-ent

adj.精通的 [doing or able to do sth in a skilled or an expert way because of training and practice] 

  ex. proficient at operating a computer terminal.


ps. proficiency exam







n. [side view, esp of the human face]

n. [brief biography of sb or description of sth in a newspaper article,  etc]

  ex. The newspaper publishes a profile of a leading sportsman every week.

  ps. high profile/ low profile = 高調/ 低調


ps. defile (p.133) v.弄髒,玷污










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