n. [a dining hall (as in a monastery or college)]




confection  n.西點;糖果 
refection  n.便餐;茶點 [ refreshment, esp. with food or drink.]
refectory n.(原指修道院或學校的)食堂;餐廳











n. [ (in football, boxing, etc) official who controls matches, prevents rules being broken, etc ]

n. [person to whom disputes, eg between employers and employees, are referred for decision ]


ps. umpire












n. [A refinery is a factory where a substance such as oil or sugar is refined. ]

  ex. a refinery for petroleum


Crude Oil Refinery Operations 1994












re-flect(bend)    ps. deflect

v. [make a visible image of sb/sth ]

  ex. He looked at his face reflected in the mirror.

  ps. literature of a period reflects its values and tastes.

v. [think deeply about, or remind oneself of, past events]

  ex. I need time to reflect


How To Create A Reflection In Photoshop











v.折射 [bend (a ray of light) where it enters eg water or glass at an oblique angle from a medium of different density ]


Physics 11.2.1a Refraction













adj. [resisting control or authority : STUBBORN, UNMANAGEABLE] 

adj. [difficult to fuse, corrode, or draw out especially : capable of enduring high temperature ]

  ps. space shuttle











v. [ keep oneself from doing sth]

  ex. refrain from smoking

n. [ lines of a song or poem which are repeated]

  ps. refrain有許多的形式,更詳細的可看wiki












v. [ give new strength or vigour to (sb/sth); restore or revive ]

  ex. refresh oneself with a cup of tea.

  ps. refreshing tea.












n. [person who has been forced to leave his country, home, etc and seek refuge, esp from political or religious persecution ]



 CNN Hero Mark Kabban Teaches Refugees











adj. [(literally) gloriously bright; shining ]


ps. fulgurate












v. [make (sth) clean or bright again; redecorate ]

  ex. This hotel has recently been completely refurbished.

  ps. 在ebay等 refurbished item.

wiki: Refurbished products cannot be sold as new products in the US, which is why they are relabeled as refurbished or refreshed units even if they are good-as-new (if, for example, the unit was returned for some reason unrelated to the product itself, such as the customer changing their mind about the color). Refurbished items may have scratches, dents or other forms of cosmetic damage which do not affect the performance of the unit.





furnish   v.提供裝備佈置(provide)  //  furbish v.打掃家具(make it looks like new again)



garnish   v.給食物加裝飾


burnish   v.擦亮、給金屬拋光  [跟polish意思一樣]

polish    v.磨光、擦亮   [to make smooth and glossy, esp. by rubbing or friction]

tarnish   v.失去光澤


varnish    v.上清漆      (又叫凡立水,塗後表面會有有光澤的透明膜 )










v. [to prove to be false or erroneous, as an opinion or charge. ]

ps. rebut and refute






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