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n.黑豹, 美洲豹 [another name for the leopard, esp the black variety, which is known as the black panther]


from wiki

Panther (in Africa and Asia), the leopard (Panthera pardus)

Panther (in North America), the cougar or mountain lion (Puma concolor)

Panther (in South and Central America), the jaguar (Panthera onca)

Black panther, a black variant of leopard, cougar

Young Panther:







n. [ Sometimes shortened to: panto  a kind of play performed at Christmas time characterized by farce, music, lavish sets, stock roles, and topical jokes]

n. [a theatrical entertainment in which words are replaced by gestures and bodily actions]


字構:就是指all mime的意思啦

Meaning "drama or play without words" first recorded 1735. The Eng. dramatic performances so called, usually at Christmas and with words and songs and stock characters, are attested by this name from 1739

from wiki: Pantomime (informally, panto), not to be confused with a mime artist, referring to a theatrical performer of mime, is a musical-comedy theatrical production traditionally found in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, Japan, India, Ireland, Gibraltar and Malta, and is mostly performed during the Christmas and New Year season


Jerry Lewis - The Errand Boy (1961) Pantomime:







n.食品室 [a room or closet in which food, groceries, and other provisions, or silverware, dishes, etc., are kept.]



字源:(參考就好)c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. panetrie  (O.Fr. paneterie ) "bread room," from M.L. panataria  "office or room of a servant who has charge of food" (lit. "bread"), from L. panis  "bread" (see food). 是從法文來的,而這個古法文是重中世紀的拉丁文發展過來的,大致上意思是放麵包的地方。



quick review


pal-try adj.無價值的、瑣碎的

pan-try n.食品室 [a room for storing food] (想成跟平底鍋pan有關)

pas-try n.糕點 (想成跟paste漿糊、麵糰一樣黏黏的)







from wiki :Papyrus (pronounced /pəˈpaɪrəs/) is a thick paper-like material produced from the pith of the papyrus plant, Cyperus papyrus a wetland sedge that was once abundant in the Nile Delta of Egypt.



How to make Papyrus paper:







para(alongside)-ble(Gk.  bole, throw )

n.寓言故事 [a short story that uses familiar events to illustrate a religious or ethical point related]




Son and Father (by Ignacy Krasicki)

Every age has its bitter, every age has its grief:
Son toiled o'er his book, father was vexed beyond belief.
The one had no rest; the other no freedom, forsooth:
Father lamented his age, son lamented his youth.



A parable is a succinct story, in prose or verse, that illustrates a moral or religious lesson. It differs from a fable in that fables use animals, plants, inanimate objects, and forces of nature as characters, while parables generally feature human characters.


allegory  n.寓言、寓意畫


parable   n.宗教類的寓言 [a short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson]     

fable      n.寓言[a short tale to teach a moral lesson,often with animals as characters]









n.拋物線 [a conic section formed by the intersection of a cone by a plane parallel to its side. Standard equation: y ² = 4 ax]





n.詞形變化表 [set of all the different forms of a word]...很舊的用法了

  ex. verb paradigms 動詞的詞形變化表.

n. [an example serving as a model; pattern.]


from wiki

The word paradigm (pronounced /ˈpærədaɪm/) has been used in linguistics and science to describe distinct concepts. Until the 1960s, the word was specific to grammar: the 1900 Merriam-Webster dictionary defines its technical use only in the context of grammar or, in rhetoric, as a term for an illustrative parable or fable.


interesting phrase

Paradigm shift

Paradigm shifts tend to be most dramatic in sciences that appear to be stable and mature, as in physics at the end of the 19th century. At that time, physicist Lord Kelvin famously stated, "There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement." Five years later, Albert Einstein published his paper on special relativity, which challenged the very simple set of rules laid down by Newtonian mechanics, which had been used to describe force and motion for over two hundred years. In this case, the new paradigm reduces the old to a special case in the sense that Newtonian mechanics is still a good model for approximation for speeds that are slow compared to the speed of light.






n. [a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement that is or may be true]

"The statement below is false."
"The statement above is true."




dox- review (也可以看p.335)

heterodox adj.非正統的








n. [a model of excellence]

  ex. a paragon of virtue

  ex. We don't expect candidates to be paragons of virtue.


ps. A paragon is a large, flawless diamond. The title is now used figuratively to denote a model of excellence or perfection of any kind; one having no equal; a perfect embodiment of a concept.



長知識(from wiki):The largest flawless diamond in the world is known as The Paragon — a D-class gem weighing 137.82 carats (27.56 g), which is the 10th largest white diamond in the world. The gem was mined in Brazil and attracted attention for being an exceptional white, flawless stone of great size.



adj. [separated by an equal distance at every point; never touching or intersecting]

  ex.parallel walls

n. [a comparison]





n. [the state of being parallel]

 ps. When there is parallelism between two things, there are similarities between them.








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