umbrage    /ˈʌmbrɪdʒ/

umbra( = shadow) - rage

n. [Offense or annoyance]

  ex. to take umbrage at something = to think something is offensive or annoying.

  ex. I take umbrage at the ideas from my classmates that I cannot pass the final exam.


 note: umbrella n.雨傘 ( 可以有shadow)





umpire    /ˈʌmpʌɪə/

n.裁判 [a person appointed to see that the rules are observed and to settle disputes (in tennis, cricket, etc). ]

   note: 字源跟 non-equal 有關,因為不平等,所以需要仲裁者。 um = non, pire <-- peer.





unaffected    /ˌʌn əˈfɛk tɪd/


adj.不矯揉造作的, 不裝飾的

  ex. The two movie stars display unaffected friendship with or without cameras.

  note: affected adj.不自然的 ( being influenced ) p.14




unassuming    /ʌnəˈsjuːmɪŋ/


adj.謙遜的, 不裝腔作勢的 [not drawing attention to oneself or to one's merits or rank; modest]

  ex. Unlike her sister's unassuming lifestyle, she wear stylish clothes and perfume.





unanimous   /juːˈnanɪməs/

un(~uni = one) -anim(=mind)ous  => one mind

adj.意見一致的 [fully in agreement ]

   ex. The minority groups in U.S. unanimously feel Trump's presidency will be a disaster.

   ex. When talking about the best teacher, they unanimously point out their English class teacher, John.







unbecoming     /ʌn·bɪˈkʌm·ɪŋ/

 adj. [not suited to the wearer ]

    ex. Many celebrities' red carpet dresses are unbecoming for daily purposes or office work.

    note: becoming adj. 合適的





unbend     /ʌnˈbend/


V. [Make or become straight from a bent or twisted form or position]

    note. 也指 less reserved, formal, or strict.

    ex. Alcohol helps her unbend a little when talking to a handsome superstar.







uncanny    /ʌnˈkæn·i/

un-can(to glow, to shine)-y

adj. [Strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way.]

  ex. Uncanny abilities to communicate with invisible dead spirits.


note: candid adj.率直的 candle n.蠟燭.

similar: eerie adj.


The Uncanny Valley - Why More Realistic Characters Look Less Human






uncommitted    /ˌʌn.kəˈmɪt.ɪd/

un(not)-commit -ed

adj. [Not committed to a cause, activity, etc.]

     note: uncommitted voters: 未表態的選民

     ex. But among uncommitted voters, a striking 47 percent selected the better 'not to vote' option.






unconscionable    /ʌnˈkɒnʃənəbl/


adj. [not guided by conscience; excessive]

  ex. Trump's idea to expel the all illegal immigrants and their children is unconscionable to me. That is unimaginably unacceptable, and it only create hate.

  ex. There's something unconscionable about industries making huge profits from sick people.





unconscious    /ʌnˈkɑn·ʃəs/


adj. [Not awake and aware of and responding to one's environment]

   ex. He was beaten unconscious in a boxing game.

   ex. The rescue team brought the unconscious driver to the hospital after the collision.






uncouth   /ʌnˈkuθ/

adj. [Lacking good manners, refinement, or grace; rude]

  聯想: un + cool + Utah -> He is uncouth and he is a un-cool-Utah  boy.

  ex. Interrupting someone when he is answering a phone call is not a good behavior, and you may be considered uncouth.





unctuous    /ˈʌŋk.tʃu.əs/

adj.  [insincerely earnest or flattering, esp in an oily way]

   note: unctuous 的來源與 oily是有關連的。

   聯想: un+act + u + ous = 不是真的行動的-->虛情假意的。

   ex. Don't be fooled by their unctuous kindness. They just want you to buy their products that are totally worthless.






underbid    /ˌʌndəˈbɪd/

under-bid( offer; 出價)

v. [to bid less than (another bid)]

    ex. He would like to sell you this bicycle by $100, but I can underbid his offer. Now you can get this bike by $75.

    ex. South Korea underbid Japan to win a contract to build the first nuclear reactors in the United Arab Emirates.







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