translucent    /trænzˋlusnt/

trans(across)-luc(lucid; clear)-ent

adj. 半透明的 [ (Of a substance) allowing light, but not detailed images, to pass through; semitransparent ]

ex. After getting wet during the heavy rain, her white uniform becomes translucent, and her underwear can be seen.

note: transparent >> translucent >> opaque

harder one: diaphanous   /daɪˋæfənəs/







transparent    /trænsˋpɛrənt/

trans(across)-par(appear, apparent) -ent

adj.透明的 [allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen]

ex.  This stylish shower room is formed by transparent glasses. I cannot understand why designer will prefer this way.





transmit    /trænzˋmɪt/

trans(across)-mit(send; such as missile)

v.傳輸 [to send or forward]

  ex. A radio station can transmit EM wave such that your receiver (antenna) can receive its signal.

   ex. knowledge is transmitted from teacher to student.





transmute    /trænzˋmjut/

trans(across)-mut(to change, such as mutation)-e

v.使變化 [to completely change the form, appearance, or nature of (someone or something)]

  ex. At each night with a full moon, he will transmute into a beast with scary teeth.





transplantation    /trænsplæn'teɪʃn/


n.器官移植 [The process of taking an organ or living tissue and implanting it in another part of the body or in another body ]

    ex. So many patients are waiting for an organ transplantation, and the black markets are targeting this demand by illegal organ trades. (On average, an individual will wait three and a half years for an organ to become available for transplant)





transport    /trænsˋpɔrt/

trans(across)-port( to carry)

v.運送 [Take or carry (people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship]

  ex. the Brussels transport network said it had received no instruction from the federal authorities to close and evacuate the subway.






transpose    /trænsˋpoz/

v.使(物體)互換位置 [to change places]

  note: transpose會使用在特定的領域中,平常並不使用。在數學中transpose叫移項,把某個東西從等號一邊移到另外一邊。在線性代數中,transpose指的是一種matrix operation. 比方說原本是 3X5 的matrix, 經過transpose後會變成 5X3. 在音樂的術語中 transpose指的是變調。






trapeze    /træˋpiz/

n.高空鞦韆 [A horizontal bar hanging by two ropes (usually high in the air) and free to swing, used by acrobats in a circus.]

  note: trapeze 是指在馬戲團表演中的'高空鞦韆'

  小知識:trapeze是由法國表演家Jules Leotard 在1859年發明的,當初是在他爸爸的游泳池練習。 這個字的由來跟梯形( trapezium ) 有關。

  note: trapeze dress






traverse    /trəˋvəs/

tra(=trans, across) - verse

v.穿過 [Travel across or through]

  note: 特別指很困難的跨越。

  ex. The Syrian refugees have to traverse a deadly path to get asylum in Europe.

  note: traverse stage is popular for fashion show.







travesty    /ˋtrævəstɪ/

tra(=trans; across) - vest ( clothe) - y

n.滑稽模仿 [A false, absurd, or distorted representation of something]

  note: 字的源頭指 '穿著假扮的衣服,而顯的滑稽'

  ex. Lady Gaga's famous meat dress is a typical example of a travesty that mocks human kills animals for getting their fur.

  ex. Travesties are frequently employed by political comedy shows.





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