testy    /tɛstɪ/

adj.易怒的 [Easily irritated; impatient and somewhat bad-tempered.]

  ex. While doing homework, any little noise will make John testy. Every time he will lose his temper and shout out.

  ex.  "Hasty, testy, nasty" are the phrases on the news title to describe the politicians who never admit their silly mistakes but slander the people who criticize them.


similar word: , grumpy, peevish, irascible , cantankerous






testiness    /tɛstɪnɪs/


  note: 並不是很常用。

  ex. People work in the service sector know well to deal with customers with testiness characteristics.

  <> patience








tether    /ˋtɛðɚ/

n.繫繩 [something (as a rope or chain) by which an animal is fastened so that it can range only within a set radius]

 ex. astronauts climbed outside of the space shuttle, and with a tether to life support.

v.  [to fasten or confine with or as if with a tether]

  <> to detach










texture    /ˋtɛkstʃɚ/

text( structure, from to weave)-ure

n.質地、質感 [the way that it feels when you touch it]

  note: 包括喝酒時對於食物的質感,

  note: texture用於音樂或著是文章時,是一種比喻音樂如果是東西的話,摸起來的質感。像是電子音樂的texture常有給人強烈的節拍,而中國古樂的texture的texture常有給人清風流水之感。










thatch    /θætʃ/

n.用來做屋頂的茅草 [a plant material (as straw) used as a sheltering cover especially of a house]

    記:that+ch, 看that china的人,的確是還保留些茅屋阿。

v. [cover (a roof) with thatch]

   note: 常見的用法 thatched cottage










thaw    /θɑː/

v.解凍 [(Of ice, snow, or another frozen substance, such as food) become liquid or soft as a result of warming ]

   ex. As Spring coming, the snow on the ground thaws, an the scenery changes its color from purely white to freshly green.

   ex. Sometimes it may be harder for a chilly relationship to thaw between two people than the one between two countries.



Let's Talk About Thawing a Turkey










thematic    /θiˋmætɪk/

adj.主題式的 [Having or relating to subjects or a particular subject]

  ex. The theme in this room is Roman style, and in another room is by Greek theme, i.e. we have a thematic arrangement in our hotel.


James Bond 007 Movie Theme Music








theoretical   /θiəˋrɛtɪkl/

theory - etical

adj.理論上的 [Concerned with or involving the theory of a subject or area of study rather than its practical application]

   ex. Paul Dirac gave his theoretical prediction of the existence of positron - the antiparticle of electron at late 1920s, and in 1932 the positron was first observed by Carl Anderson. At that time it was a huge triumph for theoretical physics.







theocracy    /θiˋɑkrəsɪ/

theo(Gk. god)-cracy( rule, regime)

n.  [A system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.]

  note: Vatican City (梵蒂岡)

  ex. ISIS aims to establish an ultra-orthodox Islamic theocracy.

  ex. Tibet was a theocracy, ruled by incarnate Buddha.








thesis  /ˋθisɪs/

n.論文 [A long essay or dissertation involving personal research, written by a candidate for a college degree]

  ex. Later this year she will defend her thesis exploring theories about voice recognition.


Writing the Thesis









therapeutic    /θɛrəˋpjutɪk/

therapy- eutic

adj. [Of or relating to the healing of disease]

  note: therapy n. 治療; 療法

   ex. People love hot spring not only for its therapeutic reasons also for its beautiful scenery.










thermal    /ˈθɜːml;/

adj. [of heat]

  ex. thermal camera









thicket    /ˋθɪkɪt/

n.灌木叢 [a dense growth of shrubbery or small trees]

  similar word: bush n. 比較矮一點(像薰衣草那種)的灌木,  shrub

  and scrub (p.422)  n.發育不良的矮樹叢








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