7-Mile Bridge ( pic from here)




I love Key West so much.

(The best time to visit is during the winter or spring.)

(At that time it would be too hot, and no much rain.)

However we cannot book a hotel with a reasonable price during this holidays.

The average is around $500 for a room per night.

Too much demand but too little supply.

Many people from North states coming south for this lovely little town.

Even taking pictures with a landmark, you need to wait 30 minutes in queue.






@ "Bahia Honda State Park", Key West, Florida. The name is from Spanish.






The railway once ran through this park,

but in 1935 the railway was destroyed by a severe hurricane.

Later, Overseas Highways was built and became U.S. Route 1 highway.















The remains of the older railroad bridge.





The new bridge.







 Looks like a pristine beach with so lucid water.





A symbiosis system with human and earth,

basking in the sunshine and with the fond wind.







Boating is a very popular activity here.



2014-12-28 10.14.14


2014-12-28 10.12.31

2014-12-28 10.39.55

2014-12-28 10.44.15


@ Key West



It is around 100 mile overseas highway,

and here is the end of the U.S. 1 in key west.

Most part of the road is just a single line, so you cannot pass by,

but it is a good time to enjoy the scenery.




A serendipitous art work on the street.







A cute tour train.

It is one of the attraction that gives visitors rich history about Key West.




This is the authentic southernmost house, and we did see the house owner.






Near the southernmost house is the southernmost landmark.

It tells you here is only 90 miles to Cuba.



2014-12-28 15.04.38



Cigar(雪茄), I tried a little bit.

The shop assistant said cigar was pretty strong,

and you should not inhale the smoke.

2014-12-28 15.19.57


We didn't have enough time to visit the Ernest Hemingway(海明威) Home.





So, alternatively  I took a picture only.

And you know, you also had to wait for getting in.

So many people there.





We had our lunch at Banana Cafe.

And we were so lucky to just spot a parking lot!!!




The Yelp's review is pretty good.

Yes, it gives you an excellent atmosphere to dine here;

people are so friendly, customers hug the Cafe store owner to say goodbye,

pace is so leisurely, pedestrians walk by without worries in this little town,

letting me recall the trip to Kengting.






It is a shame of being not able to stay longer in key west,

there are so many natural and cultural treasures here.

Let me revisit you some day in the future.










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