Miami, it seems like a different nation.

Too many people  speak Spanish,

so that I totally forget I am in U.S..


Miami is pretty warm even in the winter time.

Although fueling with enthusiasm,

Miami looks like a city full with sex connotation.

Luxury cars and sexy ladies catch the attention

from every travelers passing by them.

There is also the famous beach that encourages people taking off all the clothes,

and remove any restriction for being hot.





2014-12-29 14.53.45







We played a beach soccer game for a while,

it made me exhausted, and you know what,

a bottle water costs $3.75 here....












It arouses another kind of wild beasts to the city of Miami,

immersing people with great food, alcohol, and sex again,

along with breeze and waving palm leafs.





" Espanola Way ", a chain of restaurants are there, but

there was a huge crowd, we can only had our dinner until 9:30pm.




" Havana 1957" is a Cuban restaurant, amazingly full of people.

( Havana is the capital city of Cuba)

The Yelp app gives it very high recommendation.

I ordered the " Havana 1957 specialty",

on the menu this course is marked with distinctive border lines.

But I had no idea what it will taste like.

 2014-12-27 21.19.18




Honestly I didn't expect a so-big roasted chicken,  with salad and special source.

All right, I was imaging I had had the Christmas dinner.






"News Cafe", it was surprising to see only this Cafe store having a long queue 

among several Cafe stores there.

You will have to wait 30 minutes or longer to have your order coming,

but the waiting was worthy. The Omelet was rich for subtle tastes.






We also tried an Argentina restaurant.

It was out of my expectation for its price and deliciousness.


An exotic appetizer.

2014-12-28 20.57.21



I ordered "Seafood Saffron Risotto" (海鮮燉飯)

Holy shit....

It was unbelievably delicious, no kidding. 

That is why it takes $26 for just a small meal.


2014-12-28 21.53.27



Within limited time, my trip to Miami ended.

It is a perfect place for those people seeking for excitement around every corner.






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