sustain    /səˋsten/

sub-tain(to hold)

v.支撐; 維持 [keep (sb/sth) alive or in existence; to continue or maintain sth.]

  ex. In the Moon, there is very little oxygen to sustain life.

  ex. The coach's encouragement sustained us to get through the hard practice, and led us to the champion.



  ten  -->tin   tain  == hold 、keep

*tent     tinu





sustenance    /ˈsʌs tə nəns/

sub-ten(to hold)-ance

n. [means of support, maintenance, or subsistence]

  note: sustenance 指的是可以the thing that can sustain your life. 所以基本上是指食物。

  ex. It is hard for people in North Korean to have constant source of sustenance.

  ex. The biggest kind of whale takes plankton as its sustenance.


note: subsistence farming(自給自足的農業) P.455

sustenance sustenance_332







suture    /ˋsutʃɚ/

n.縫線 [the thread used for the stitching or the seam that is created by stitching.]

  note: suture 是比較用在於醫學上,像手術上的詞彙。surgical seam

v.縫合 [ to stitch up a wound or incision. ]


related word: seam, stitch n., sew v.







svelte    /svɛlt/

adj.身材細長的, 苗條的 [slim and looks attractive and elegant]

  note: svelte是形容人,細長苗條且優雅的。

  ex. Weight loss company is marketing svelte figure is the standard body shape.


related word: slender

<>plump (p. 363), paunchy (p.348)








swagger    /ˋswæɡɚ/

v. [walk or behave in a proud or boastful way]

  note: swing, sway, 還有我們這邊談到的swagger,它們在發展上都是與搖盪有關連的唷。

  ex. After he made a buzz beater and led the team win the final championship, he swaggered around the basketball court to receive the fans' applause.

  similar word: strut (v.) p.453








sway    /swe/

v.搖曳 [move or lean slowly from side to side]

   ex. trees are swaying in the wind.

v. [influence or change the opinions or actions of]

  ex. the LBJ's decision is swayed and then he thinks returning to Cavalier is better then staying in Heat.

sway sway_332






swerve    /swɜrv/

v.突然轉向 [to turn aside abruptly in movement or direction; deviate suddenly from the straight or direct course.]

  ex. The truck swerved sharply to avoid crashing a child.


  similar word: veer (v.) (implying a major change in direction)








swallow   /ˋswɑlo/

v.吞嚥 [ cause or allow (esp food or drink) to go down the throat ]

  ex. Drink a cup a water, it will help you swallow those pills.

  ex. Some whales will swallow huge amount of water and use their gills to get tiny shrimps as sustenance.


  similar word: gulp (v.) (7-11 賣的重量杯--英文叫做"Big Gulp") see more at p.229

  <> disgorge

n. 燕子







swamp    /swɑmp/

n.沼澤 [an area of very wet land with wild plants growing in it.]

  ex. In the rain season at Congo forest, the vast amount of rain causes the forest become a swamp. Even fishes can live in the forest during the raining season.

  note: swamp中含有更高比例水面積, see more at page 302. 當動詞時也可以指被很多什麼東西給包圍了

  ex. He is swamped with work.







swell    /swɛl/

v. [increase in size, magnitude, number, or intensity]

  ex. My eyes swell after being hit by a ball.

  ex. My bank balance swells.

  ex. Human population swells.

  ex. My heart swells from the pride of winning the championship.







sweltering    /ˈswɛltərɪŋ/

adj. [uncomfortably hot]

  ex. The weather is sweltering. In a traditional market people use vapor water to cool down, making customers willing to come by.

  note: sweat v.

  similar word: scorching (adj.)

  <> frigid

sweltering_332 sweltering (2)





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