n. [the killing of great numbers of people or animals indiscriminately]

  ex. the slaughter of innocent civilians 對無辜平民的屠殺

v. [to slay in great numbers; massacre.]

v. 屠宰動物(通常為食用) [kill (an animal), usu forfood]

  ex. Chickens are slaughtered at the plant and then cut up for retail - a process that takes place in cold conditions.

  ps. slay v.殺 (tense: slay, slew, slain)


slaughter v.大屠殺、屠殺
 laughter     n.笑聲








n. wiki: A sled, sledge, or sleigh is a land vehicle with a smooth underside or possessing a separate body supported by two or more smooth, relatively narrow, longitudinal runners that travels by sliding across a surface. Most sleds are used on surfaces with low friction, such as snow or ice. In some cases, sleds may be used on mud, grass, or even smooth stones. They may be used to transport passengers, cargo, or both.

 ex. Santa's mode of transportation, a reindeer-driven sleigh


sleigh n.(馬、麋鹿拉的)雪橇
sleight n.靈巧

聽歌時間:Sleigh Ride








n. [a large number or quantity]

  ex. a whole slew of people.

v. [move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner]

  ps. tense: slew, slewed, slewed

  ex. The car slewed round on the icy road.


slew    n.大量
slow    adj.慢的
    if you have a slew of shoes, you will very slowly find out which shoes you want to wear today. 如果你有很多鞋,要找到你想穿需要比較長的時間。








n. [a thin, flat piece cut from something]

  ex. a slice of bread.

n. [a part, portion, or share]

  ex. She takes a large slice of the credit for our success.

v. [to cut into slices; divide into parts.]

   ex. she sliced the cake.









adj. [ skilful and impressive; smooth and slippery]

  ex. There's a big difference between an amateur video and a slick Hollywood production.

  ex. The products had been slickly marketed.

  ps. slick hair style. 很油亮的那種髮型

adj. [done smoothly and efficiently,without any obvious effort ]

adj. [A slick person speaks easily in a way that is likely to convince people, but is not sincere.]

 ex. a slick performer, salesperson, negotiator, etc (這時候通常有負面的意思,指的是很油滑的推銷員)


(very common word.)










adj. [small]

  ps. A slight person has a fairly thin and delicate looking body.

  ex. a slight improvement, a slight error

v. [treat (sb) without proper respect or courtesy]

  ex. She felt slighted because no one spoke to her.

  related word: contempt, disdain, disregard

  <> cosset(p.119), show respect to










n. [an act, instance, or process of slipping]

  ex. When this slippage happens abruptl you've got an earthquake.

n. [failure to maintain an expected level, fulfill a goal, meet a deadline, etc.]

   ex. We want to stop the slippage of the quality of public services.










adj.狡猾的, 不可靠的 [ not to be trusted; unreliable]

  ex. He is a slippery customer, and should be carefully watched.

  ps. slippery slope [a course of action that seems to lead inevitably from one action or result to another with unintended consequences]

    ex. The company started down the slippery slope of believing that they knew better than the customer.







slip-shod( shoe v.穿鞋 過去分詞)

adj. [not done or not doing things carefully; careless]

  ex. The hotel had always been run in a slipshod way.

  ex. Haste can make you slipshod, but it can never make you graceful.









  ex. The snake slithered into the water.


 Slither Official Trailer









n.薄長條, 碎片 [long thin piece of sth cut or broken off from a larger piece]

  <> slab 











adj.做事馬虎的 [done in a careless and untidy way]

  ex. Health care markets are amazingly sloppy in many areas. (Forbes Jun 14, 2013)

  ex. His language is disjointed and sloppy.








n. [a narrow opening in a machine or container]

  ex. 販賣機的投錢口, mail slot, 還錄影帶的slot

  ex. Until now, New York has allowed table gambling only on Native American tribal land or slot machine gambling at horse racing tracks. (Reuters Jun 19, 2013)

  ex. time slot = available time

  ps. slit

    ex. the two-slit experiment


 The Slot Machine - When to Bet Maximum Coins







sloth /sləʊθ/


  ps. slothful adj.懶散的

 wiki: Leaves, their main food source, provide very little energy or nutrition and do not digest easily. Sloths therefore have large, specialized, slow-acting stomachs with multiple compartments in which symbiotic bacteria break down the tough leaves. As much as two-thirds of a well-fed sloth's body-weight consists of the contents of its stomach, and the digestive process can take a month or more to complete.



 Attenborough: Saying Boo to a Sloth! - BBC Earth

 Bath Time for Baby Sloths








v. [stand, sit or move in a lazy way, often not quite upright]

  ex. The men were slouched on sofas and chairs.

  ex. Don't let your shoulders slump, your head droop, or your lower back slouch

n. [slouching posture or way of moving]

  ps.  slouch hat


slouch n.沒精打采的姿態 或者是沒精打采地走
slough n.蛇蛻下的皮 n.泥坑



How to Keep From Slouching












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