se(apart)-parate( L. = prepare)

adj. 分別的、不同的

  ex. sleep in separate beds.

  ex. two separate issues

v. [ to set apart]

  ex. the war separated me and my family.


  <> concatenate





adj. [caused by or causing infection with harmful bacteria]

  ps. septic tank: 在郊區的房子沒有地下道系統來處理污水,大部分都是用 septic tank的。 North America, approximately 25% of the population relies on septic tanks

  ps. antiseptic. from wiki :: Every antiseptic, however good, is more or less toxic and irritating to a wounded surface; as a result, in surgery, the antiseptic method has been replaced by aseptic method, which is preventative in nature and relies on keeping free from the invasion of bacteria rather than destroying them when present.

 (note: 洗手用的酒精 alcohol )






sepulchral  (sɪˈpʌlkrəl)

sepulcher(tomb)+al  (ˈsɛpəlkə)

adj.墳墓的 [of or relating to a sepulcher (tomb)]

  ps. sepulcher 是在literature 中才會出現的字,它就是墳(tomb)

adj. 陰森森的

  <> merry adj.歡樂的










adj.按次序的 [in order of time or place; forming a sequence]

  ps. 按照數字順序、字母順序

  synonym: consecutive

  ex. to introduce new memebers sequentially by their names.  


  ps. 寫進hard disk時資料用sequential的方式,比較快同樣的seek也比較快

  ps. 可review p. 328關於sequ的字根







adj.連續的; 一系列的 [arranged in a series]

  ex. serial killer

  ex. TV serial, Harry Potter series

  ex. SN = serial number

  ps. series n.  (infinite sequences and series)

\sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{1}{2^n} = \frac{1}{2}+ \frac{1}{4}+ \frac{1}{8}+\cdots.









adj. [pressed together or compacted, as soldiers in rows: serried troops.]








v. [to remove or withdraw into solitude or retirement.]

  ex. a pop star sequestered in a hotel room, protected from fans' mania below.

v. 隔離, 用於將陪審團隔離以不被媒體等干擾。

   ps. Jury sequestration is the isolation of a jury to avoid accidental or deliberate tainting.

   wiki: 在裁決期間會出現隔離的例子。在如O‧J‧辛普森案件等極端罕見的案件中,陪審員被隔離了整整8.5個月。



Budget sequestration in 2013: In the United States federal budget, the sequester or sequestration refers to budget cuts to particular categories of federal spending that began on March 1, 2013 as an austerity fiscal policy.

  "Sequestration?" A Big Word for "Budget Cut"








adj.天使一般的 [of, like, or befitting a seraph.]

  ps. seraph,在上帝頭冠旁的天使,是最高等級的天使,具有3對翅膀(六翼天使)









adj. [being dried and withered ]

  ex. My way of life Is fall'n into the sere, the yellow leaf.

  ps. SERE, a military training program: survival, evasion, resistance, escape (ie.被抓到了要怎麼逃開)

  cf. sear --> seared tuna



Navy and Marine Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape School SERE








adj.平靜的; 寧靜的 [calm and peaceful; tranquil]

  ex. a serene sky


  ps. Serena, feminine given name.








n. [a talk on a moral or religious subject, usu given by a clergyman from the pulpit during a religious service]

  ex. We had to listen to a long sermon about not wasting money.

  synonym: preach

  ps. In modern language, the word "sermon" can also be used pejoratively in secular terms to describe a lengthy or tedious speech delivered with great passion, by any person, to an uninterested audience.









v. [ to make serrated.]

adj. [notched on the edge like a saw, = serrated]

  ex. a serrate leaf.

  synonym: jagged (p.280)

  ps. 鋸齒狀會使接觸面積減少,而增加表面壓力,所以更利於cutting. 像鯊魚就據有serrate teeth.

  ps. from the Latin word serratus, meaning 「notched like a saw.」



Plain Edge vs. Serration | Knife Discussion





adj. = serrate

  <> without notches, smooth










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