re-concile(=co u ncil n.議事 n.協調會 )

v. [If you reconcile two beliefs, facts, or demands that seem to be opposed or completely different, you find a way in which they can both be true or both be successful. ]

ex. It's difficult to reconcile the demands of my job and the desire to be a good father.

v. [cause (people) to become friends again, eg after quarrelling ]

ex. We were finally reconciled when he apologized.

ex. They can't reconcile their differences.





co u ncil n.協調會 [ an assembly of persons called together for discussion ]
conciliate v.安撫、使和好  [to overcome the distrust or animosity of; appease]
consul n.駐外領事
consult v.與...商量     [to seek advice or information from]
condole v.哀悼;同情 [ to express sympathy with a person who is suffering sorrow ]









re-cond(hide)-ite   ps. page 3 的 abscond

adj. [difficult or impossible for one of ordinary understanding or knowledge to comprehend ]

ex. String theory is a recondite subject.

adj. [of, relating to, or dealing with something little known or obscure ]


etymology:from re- "away, back" + condere "to store, hide, put together,"









n. [Reconnaissance is the activity of obtaining military information about a place by sending soldiers or planes there, or by the use of satellites. ]

ex. The helicopter was returning from a reconnaissance mission.


etymology: 1810, from Fr. reconnaissance "act of surveying," lit. "recognition"



re con naissance n.偵察、空中偵察 [多了個con]
re ..... .naissance n.文藝複興







v. [to constitute again or anew especially : to restore to a former condition by adding water ]

ex. reconstitute dried milk, powdered soup, etc






re-course(run)  ps. current

n. [a source of help]

ex. Your only recourse is legal action.


etymoloty:late 14c., from O.Fr. recours (13c.), from L. recursus "return, retreat," lit. "a running back," from stem of pp. of recurrere "run back, return"






re-cru(=cre; to grow)-it   ps. increase

v. [to fill up the number of (as an army) with new members ]

ex. The police are trying to recruit more black and Asian officers.

n. [a newcomer to a field or activity ]


The Recruit (trailer)








n. [A rectangle is any shape with four sides and four right angles.]







v. [If you rectify something that is wrong, you change it so that it becomes correct or satisfactory. ]

ex. to rectify an error.








n. [moral correctness or straightforwardness; honesty ] encourage the graduates to go on to live lives of unimpeachable rectitude and integrity.








re(back)-cumb(lie down)-ent

adj. [ lying down; reclining ]





字根cumb == lie down 躺


cumb er v.阻礙 to hinder or encumber by being in the way
en cumb er v.阻礙
in cumb ent n.現任者、在職者 [in 做 on the state of解]
  ex. In a race for mayor, the incumbent mayor faces a challenger.
re cumb ent adj.斜躺的  [re做back解]
suc cumb n.屈服  [sub(down)+ cumb(lie down)-->屈服]








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