n. [set of instructions for preparing a food dish, including the ingredients required ]


Creamy Potato Soup Recipe






adj. [given and received in return; mutual ]

ex. have a reciprocal agreement

ex. 在數學上的倒數


Solving Math Problems : How to Find the Reciprocal of a Whole Number






v. [give and receive (sth) in return; exchange (sth) mutually ]

ex. to reciprocate the favo r by driving their neighbor to the airport.

ex. I reciprocate your good wishes. 我也同樣祝福你

ex. Thanks for your kind wishes which I heartily reciprocate.







v. [to repeat from memory or read aloud publicly ]

ex. to recite a famous poem

ex. to recite passages of sacred texts


An 8 year old kid reciting some verses of Sura Yasin from the Holy Quran






n.獨唱會; 獨奏 [public performance of music, dance, etc by a soloist or a small group ]


Piano Recital - Sviatoslav Richter 李希特 (1976, Moscow Conservatory)








v. [If you reclaim something that you have lost or that has been taken away from you, you succeed in getting it back. ]

ex. She reclaimed the title of world champion this year.


v. [When people reclaim land, they make it suitable for a purpose such as farming or building, for example by draining it or by building a barrier against the sea. ]

ps. Land reclamation

ex. The Netherlands has been reclaiming farmland from water.








n. [A recluse is a person who lives alone and deliberately avoids other people. ]

ps. Historically, the word referred to a hermit's total isolation from the world.








v. [(of guns) jerk back when fired ]

v. [draw oneself back in fear, disgust, etc]

ex. He recoiled at the sight of the corpse.








n. [the action or power of recalling to mind]

ex. have amazing powers of recollection

ex. to the best of my recollection, ie if I remember correctly







v. [to combine again]







n. [If you are given something, usually money, in recompense, you are given it as a reward or because you have suffered.]


ex. He demands no financial recompense for his troubles.

ex. Isaiah 49:4"...and my recompense is with my God".




















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