v. [to arouse to a feeling or action; to incite to anger]

ex. I am not easily provoked, but this behavior is intolerable!


film -- provoked







pro-voc(to call)-ation

n. [ making sb angry by deliberately doing sth annoying or offensive]










prowess (ˈpraʊɪs)

n. [distinguished bravery especially : military valor and skill]

ps. 比方說,指某位將軍英勇善戰。

ps. proud

n. [extraordinary ability]

ex. We had to admire his prowess as a pilot.










prowl (praʊl)

v. 潛行, 悄悄踱步 [to move about or wander stealthily in or as if in search of prey]

ex. wild animals prowling in the forest

ps. stalk

ps. 名詞的用法 There was a fox on the prowl near the chicken coop.

ps. on the prowl


Prowl (film)









proximity (prɒkˈsɪmətɪ)

n.鄰近 (空間或時間上) [nearness in space or time; closeness]

ex. in the proximity of the building

ex. The restaurant benefits from its proximity to several movie theaters.

ps. proximity card. wiki :Proximity card is a generic name for contactless integrated circuit devices used for security access or payment systems.


字源: from L. proximus "nearest"










adj.緊鄰的, 最接近的 [ next before or after (in time, order, etc); nearest]

ps. approximate









prud e n.過分正經之人
prud ish adj.過分正經的
prud ent adj.審慎的; 有先見之明的
prud ence n.先見之明
im p r ud ent adj. = not prudent
imp .. udent adj.魯莽的


prude是指一種人, 例如女生穿迷你裙就會覺得"不能接受"or 對sex等事情過份的正經。








imprudent = not prudent

impudent or (impudence n.),  其後的pudence意思是shame羞恥,

所以 = shameless 無恥的; 帶有無禮的意思。






adj.放肆無禮的 [Characterized by offensive boldness; insolent or impertinent.]

ex. 比方說被個 impudent boy 掀裙子; 說話沒大沒小的 impudent student.

ex. That impudent boy put his tongue out at me.











n. [person who behaves in an extremely or unnaturally proper manner, esp one who is (too) easily shocked by sexual matters]

ex. She was such a prude that she was even embarrassed by the sight of naked children.

ps. They may be perceived as being more uncomfortable than most with sexuality, nudity, alcohol, drug use or mischief.


ex. 例如有些人看到男生打耳洞、或女生穿迷你裙就會覺得"不能接受",覺得一定要穿的像粽子一樣覺得適宜,另外對性過於保守,我們可以稱此種人為prude。

字源:  prude原來是指"wise woman",不過來到古代的法國,意思變成"過分正經的女人",引進到英國就變成現在的意思了"過分正經的"。


prim (p.375)

adj. [affectedly proper, precise, or formal]

ps. If you go to the beach on spring break wearing a Victorian bathing costume, you're being prim.










adj. [If you describe someone as prudish, you mean that they are too easily shocked by things relating to sex.]

ex. I'm not prudish but I think these photographs are obscene (əbˈsiːn) .








adj.審慎的; 有先見之明的 [acting with or showing care and foresight; showing good judgement]

ex. prudent housekeeper

ex. It is always prudent to start any exercise program gradually at first.



prudent 與 provident是同字根來的。









n. [Prudence is care and good sense that someone shows when making a decision or taking action]

ex. Western businessmen are showing remarkable prudence in investing in the region.

ps. 出門多帶件衣服









v.修剪 (樹木) [trim the shape of (a tree, bush, etc) by cutting away some of the branches, etc, esp to encourage new growth]

ex. to prune plants, bushes, or trees

ex. 剪蓮霧樹葉


v.精簡某東西 [reduce the extent of sth by cutting unnecessary parts]

ex. Next year's budget will have to be drastically pruned.

ex. She's pruning down the novel at the publisher's request.


字源:他有兩個字源,(1) L. pruna, neut. pl. of prunum "plum," by dissimilation from Gk. proumnon, from a language of Asia Minor.

(2)from pro- "forth" + *retundiare "round off," from L. rotundus


How To Prune A Fruit Tree




>////<  看完你就記得這個字了








v. 窺探 [inquire too curiously or rudely about other people's private affairs]

ex. She thought she was safe from prying eyes and could do as she wanted.

ps. inquisitive adj.


pry v.窺探
spy n.間諜









pseudonym (ˈsjuːdəˌnɪm)

pseudo-onym ps. review p.324

n. [person's name that is not his real name, esp one used by an author; pen-name]

wiki : A pen name is a pseudonym adopted by an author. A pen name may be used to make the author's name more distinctive, to disguise his or her gender, to distance an author from some or all of his or her works, to protect the author from retribution for his or her writings, or for any of a number of reasons related to the marketing or aesthetic presentation of the work.

ex. 金庸:知名武俠小說作家,本名查良鏞










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