ordin ance /*ordin-ance 與 ordn-ance 發音一樣*/

ord a in(=order)-ance

n.法令; 法規 [order, rule or law made by a government or an authority ]

ex. by ordinance of the mayor

ex. privacy ordin ance

ex. employment ordin ance

ex. copyright ordin ance




ordn ance

n.軍用器材 [Military materiel, such as weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and equipment.]

ps. 也可以指 軍械署(government service dealing with ordnance)


字源:為什麼這兩個字長的這麼像呢~,因為其實初期(14世紀) ordinance 除了當作法規之外,也當軍用器材,但是這個字義後來就傳給 ordnance (字型改變了一下)了。



Pakistan Ordnance Factories






n.礦石 [=unworked metal; Rock, earth, mineral, etc from which metal can be obtained; A naturally occurring mineral containing a valuable constituent (as metal) for which it is mined and worked ]


ps.Oregon 是美國的一個state唷,你可以這樣聯想;oregon 有很多ore


Iron ore production at Hamersley Iron, Pilbara, Australia







n.生物  [An individual form of life, such as a plant, animal, bacterium, protist, or fungus; a body made up of organs that work together to carry on the various processes of life .]

ps. 就是由一堆器官所組成的生命體。

n.有機體系 [system made up of parts which are dependent on each other ]







v.使朝東 [To locate or position so as to face the east.]

v.使適應 [To make familiar with or adjusted to facts, principles, or a situation.]

ex. You will need the time to orient yourself to your new way of eating.

大寫: The Orient (countries) = the countries of Asia, esp. 東亞 如日本﹑ 中國.

ex.  perfumes and spices from the Orient


字源:from L. orientem (nom. oriens ) " the rising sun, the east, part of the sky where the sun rises "


family word

orientation is basic information or training that is given to people starting a new job, school, or course.


題外:"魔術" 消失的火車David Magic Orient Express







adj.原始的, 最初的 [existing from the beginning; first or earliest]

ex. original inhabitants

ex. original <> cliche

n.原作, 原文

ex. This is a translation; the original is in French.
這是譯文, 原文是法文的.


字源:跟上面的orient一樣,都是來自from L. originem






orn(furnish, embellish)-ate

adj.過於裝飾的..這是個貶義的形容詞 [Elaborately, heavily, and often excessively ornamented.]

ex.That style of architecture is too ornate for my taste.
那種建築風格太華麗了, 不對我的口味


ps. ornament n.裝飾








n.鳥類學 [the branch of zoology that deals with birds.]

ex. an ornithological survey


字源: or nith-是從希臘的字根來的, or- 在PIE是指一種鳥,ex. erne 白尾海雕

來看看NationalGeographic 的ornithology playlist








ortho(right,true)-dox("opinion, praise)

adj.正統的 [Adhering to the accepted or traditional and established faith, especially in religion.]

大寫: Orthodox =東方正教會 [Of or relating to any of the churches or rites of the Eastern Orthodox Church .]



字源:ortho-是很常見的希臘字根,它代表"right, true",比方說在數學中的orthogonal 就是"正交的",orthopaedics (=orthopedics),像郭泓志手受傷了就接受Tommy John的手術,就是看orthopaedics這科的。

而-dox也是個很常見的希臘字尾,組成XX教義, XX意見的概念。

比方說,之前學過得dogma n.教義 (p.160)

heterodox adj.非正統的  (p.237)

paradox n.自相矛盾的話, 悖論 ex. 相對論中的twin paradox



doctrine 的doc- 是來自拉丁文,其意思是teaching, ex. doctor







n.正牙學 ..好奇怪的翻譯 [The dental specialty and practice of preventing and correcting irregularities of the teeth, as by the use of braces.]


Intro to Orthodontics  看影片比較好理解






v. 振動 [To swing back and forth]

ex. 這周...股價一直在oscillate

類: oscillation:swing



os cillate    v.震盪

va cillate    v.思想搖擺不定 [=hesitate;To swing indecisively from one course of action or opinion to another]











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