During a short stay in Taiwan, I had  opportunities to visit or re-visit some traveling spots I have yearned to.


The structure in this post is:

1. YeLiu Geopark

2. Tamsui and Fisherman's Wharf

3. Taipei Zoo and Maokong Gondola

4. others



YeLiu Geopark 野柳地質公園



It is full of spectacular rocks that be formed by unique formation here.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let's check it.


A small patch of protected beach near the entrance.






 Water is very clean.




some water was in the holes, it could be from the rain, or tides.






Strange rocks.







It was a very hot day, and the water was almost run out in a pond.



I was reading the description of rock formation.




Many travelers!! Some from Hong knog, some from China, Japan, or Korea.



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