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1.表示"橫穿","橫斷" [across]

2.表示"在(到)...的另一邊" [through]

3.表示"超越" [beyond]





transcend    /trænˋsɛnd/

trans(across)-scend(to climb)

v.超越 [Be or go beyond the range or limits of (something abstract, typically a conceptual field or division)]

 note: 有一家賣記憶體(memory card, SSD, DRAM等等)的公司也叫 Transcend, 中文叫"創見"

 ex. The beauty of literature helps our spirit transcend the daily mundane  experience.


related root:

descend v.下降 (p.141)

  ex. The custom has descended to our day.

ascend v.上升 (p.38)

  ex. They spent five days to ascend to the top of mountain.






transcendent    /trænˋsɛndənt/


adj.卓越的; 至高無上的 [Beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience]

  ex. At the moment when she finished the marathon, although with pain at any part of body she felt a transcendent accomplishment.







transcribe    /trænˋskraɪb/


v.謄寫 [to record thoughts, speech or data in a written form]

  note: 比方說做會議記錄就是將聲音轉換成文字,transcribe。

  ex. Clerks transcribe everything that is said in court.

  ex. Google Voice have emerged to transcribe voicemail messages, delivering them in parsed, digestible written form.

  ps. 成績單 = transcript





transfer    /trænsˋfə/


v.轉移 [move sth/sb from one place to another]

  ex. I would like to transfer my money from checking account to the account under my credit card .

  ex. In Linux, we can use scp command to transfer the files from the server to my laptop.





transfigure    /trænsˋfɪɡjɚ/


v.變外表 (尤指改好) [Transform into something more beautiful or elevated]

  note: 原本是使用在宗教上的詞彙,像是化身為天使。

  ex. The ice sculptures are transfigured by the artist's fluorescent light.

  ex. He was transfigured after keeping working out in a gym for one year.







transgress    /trænzˋɡrɛs/

trans(across)-gress(to go)

v.踰矩, 違反  [ Infringe or go beyond the bounds of (a moral principle or other established standard of behavior)]

  字根上 trans - gress 是指 走到 boundary之外的意思,所以有違反規定、法律的意思。

  note: violate, infringe 是 transgress 的同義詞。

  ex. Never think of making up data, otherwise you will transgress academic regulations and get serious troubles.




transgression    /trænz'greʃn/

n.踰矩, 違反

  ex.People have seen many false information with partially truth designed to defame a president candidate in the other parties. We suppose to inhibit  this kind of transgressions during election.








transition    /trænˋzɪʃən/


n.過渡, 轉變 [The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another]

  note: 字根 it = go, ex. itinerary n. 旅行路線

  ex. The political pattern in Taiwan is under a big transition. And this is the first time we have two women presidential candidates.

  ex. the gamma-ray transition, de-exciting from the xxx MeV state to the ground state.











adj.短暫的; 片刻的 [lasting for only a short time]

   ex. After the poll KMT party seemed to have transient happiness that their party's candidate can be decided. 

  ex. Is the value of art transient?  This is a writing question in the college entrance exam. 

   similar word: temporary, fleeting, ephemeral (p.179)





transitory    /ˋtrænsəˏtɔrɪ/

adj.短暫的; 片刻的 [lasting only for a short time]

  ex. "We will encounter transitory turbulence  soon" says the Captain.




transience    /'trænzɪəns/



   ex. Many CEO are addicted with the transience of fame ( or the money that comes after fame), and eventually forget the humanity. 









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