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Around 10 years ago, I visited Tokyo Disney Land in July.

The staffs there always showed warm, sincere, and lovely smiles. Remarkable!

Japanese people generally are very polite and friendly,

but the way of the staffs in Tokyo Disney Land behaved a much higher level.

It left me an enduring memory with joy and happiness.

I was really excited to visit the Disney World in Orlando this time.



Unfortunately, the weather was not so good, and it was drizzling whole day.

The gray sky symbolized a fate of smearing your perfect day in Disney.

2014-12-30 09.23.02


In addition, it was the biggest holidays in U.S.,

so there were so many people squeezing into the Magic Kingdom Park on Dec 30.

If it were in Japan, I would say fine,

since Japanese people get used to the tiny space

and have extreme patience to wait.

But here is U.S. where people usually have a wider space,

hence compacted environment caused tensions.

2014-12-30 09.34.52 



A very tall Christmas tree just reminded me three days ago was Christmas day.

2014-12-30 10.07.01




The first glance of the Cinderella's Castle. It was huge and stunning.

No wonder, someone would say dream comes truth in Disney.





There are too many fine details in decorations everywhere,

it is pity to me having so little time to savor them.






Two little girls dress up as Anna and Elsa. So lovely.




A street Party just in front of the Cinderella's Castle.




The interactive play with Belle ( character from Beauty and the Beast )

The girl with a red cape played the role of the Beast.

2014-12-30 11.01.18




I enjoyed the infinite imagination from these kids.

They are so curious about learning everything

and willing to change and adapt themselves.

Confucius said you will learn something when traveling with three people.

2014-12-30 11.03.26



" under the Sea ~ Journey of the little Mermaid "

We just saw there were a lot of people waiting in line, so we joined them.

In the entrance there was a bridge, and the water was so clear. 



Was these coins in the river? I don't know.



2014-12-30 11.18.03





"Seven Dwarfs Mine Train"

It was a decently thrilling ride. To me, it was not the thrill attracting me most,

but the wide and not-reined imagination and creativity.

Unlike my travel mates who sought for excitements,

I was entranced by neat things.




Parade is one of typical activity in Disney.




Cinderella and her onion carriage.






We had special friends joining the parade.

They were the marching team from MizzoU.






And a high school band. Here were purely American-style parade.






 "Splash Mountain" is one of typical and very popular attraction here.


 2014-12-30 16.26.06

It was not scarey, but it definitely made you wet.

And it was not just 3-second ride. Actually it was a pretty long ride full of stories.

I very enjoyed this fun and exciting ride,

you will just like watch a small scale movie,

and according the theme, you will different degree of "ride".





Due to the raining that caused some technical difficulties,

there were  some shows were cancelled.




We took the train " Walt Disney World Railroad ",

it went through the whole theme park.






You will get some education about the American native tribe.

( I also remember there are the same set up in Tokyo Disney Land.)




And then we took the cruise " Liberty Square Riverboat".

It was almost near the sunset,

the park become romantic with much sparkling light.







7:30 PM, A specular firework and LASER show will hold at Castle forecourt.



Let's move forward~!












Personally, I am not a big fan for firework (*for saving money)

But using speculator firework to end your day would be really a perfect option.


 Though just being here very short, one day I will revisit it with my family for sure.




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