technocrat    /ˈtɛknəˌkræt/

techno(technology)-crat(rule, or ruler)

n. [an adherent of technocracy ]

n. [a scientist, engineer, or other expert who is one of a group of similar people who have political power as well as technical knowledge]

 note: -crat是很常見的字尾唷,

 ex. democrat (person who believes in or supports democracy)

 ex. monocrat (person who believes in or supports monocacy)

 note: technocracy 仍然是一種概念的政體體制,比方說要選總統了,我們不用大眾民選的方式選出總統,而是依靠專業能力選出總統,比方說某某政治大學的教授來當總統。


Word of the Day: Technocrat








tedious    /ˋtidɪəs/

adj.令人厭倦的 [tiresome because of being too long, slow or dull; boring]

  ex. Preparing GRE exam is tedious, why don't we just go out and enjoy the sun.

  ex. Finding bugs in others' code is a tedious job...









tedium    /ˋtidɪəm/

n. [tediousness; boredom]

  ex. OK. I would rather stop doing homework now. I have to take a break from the tedium of coding..








teeter    /ˋtitɚ/

v. [stand or move unsteadily]

  ex. 常會用在 teeter on the brink/ edge of something.

  ex. I have spent too much money this month, and are teetering on the brink of going bankrupt.


note: teeter-totter = seesaw = 翹翹板


 How a Teeter Inversion Table Decompresses Your Spine







temerity    /təˈmɛrə ti/

n.魯莽 [the quality of being confident and unafraid of danger or punishment especially in a way that seems rude or foolish]

  note: temerity 給人的一種沒有仔細思量危險就馬上行動的那種魯莽。

  音: 他媽沒提

  ex. It is always funny to watch one to screw up in the end when one has the temerity to manipulate the election.

  ex. I was surprised that these college students had the temerity to go to parties just before the final exams.


 similar word :audacity, effrontery, and recklessness

 ex. Only having the audacity like Henry VIII of England can topple down the traditional religion and design a new one for him. ( audacity ~~ break convention)

 ex. I can hardly image people would have the effrontery to defile the reputation of the doctor who have saved their lives. ( effrontery~~ shameless)



2015 Spyder Women's Temerity Ski Jacket Review








telling  /ˈtɛlɪŋ/

adj. [producing a strong or important effect; impressive]

  ex. The effect of his speech is telling. Now everyone in this city knows his name.

  ex. He found a telling evidence to prove the existence of extra dimensions.






temp    /tɛmp/

n. [a person, esp a typist or other office worker, employed on a temporary basis]

  note: 像臨時打字員工

  note: temp = temperature的縮寫。






temper    /tɛmpɚ/

n.心情 [state of the mind as regards anger or calmness]

  ex. With a good temper the customer gives me a tip of 20 dollars.

  ex. I lost my temper when seeing my female friends were insulted by the strangers.


n.容易發怒的性情 [tendency to become angry easily]

  note: 這是一個很常出現,但意思卻有點多的字。temper可以單指state of mind, 也可以指愛生氣。

  ex. Charles Barkley is famous for his nasty temper, and he involved in many fighting in his NBA career. 

  ex. Her terrible temper makes her away from having a long relationship with her boyfriend.


v. [bring (metal) to the required degree of hardness and elasticity by heating and then cooling]

v. [moderate or soften the effects of sth]

  ex. to temper your bad temper. Don't get angry so easily. It is just a joke.


husky throws a temper tantrum

Eight month old Nika likes going on the bed because she knows she's not allowed.


related to


v.擅自改動某事物 [meddle or interfere with sth; alter sth without authority] 

但他當動詞的時候是比較早期的意思,有指modify, to make (steel) hard and elastic (使金屬回火)

ex. I don't want to be accused of tampering with the evidence. 








tempest    /ˋtɛmpɪst/

n. [a very violent storm]

  note: tempest與在源於拉丁的季節,因為temp有時間的意思,(ex. temporary or tempo),後來由季節轉變成"暴風雨"的意思了。

 wiki: The Tempest is a play by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in 1610–11, and thought by many critics to be the last play that Shakespeare wrote alone.


 The Tempest Movie Trailer  (2010)

William Shakespeare 原本是以男性當主角的,而電影中則是將改換女性。以此劇為題材的電影就有四集了。

The Tempest (Tchaikovsky)







tempestuous    /tɛmˈpɛs tʃuəs/


adj. [characterized by or subject to tempests ]

   ex. Romance is tempestuous. Love is calm.

   ex. In just 6 days we will end this tempestuous election process, and then life will return to its normal phase.






tempo    /ˋtɛmpo/

n.樂曲的速度或拍子 [speed or rhythm of a piece of music ]

  ex. 也常用來當pace

  ex. While living in conutryside you will have a slow tempo lifestlyle. No traffic jam, no buzzing street, no rush.


Musical Elements: Elementary, My Dear Noah






temporal    /ˈtɛm pərəl/

adj. [of or relating to time as opposed to eternity]

  note: temporary adj. 暫時的, temporality n.暫時

  note:when, while 是表示時間的連詞 temporal conjunctions

  ex. The things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.



note: 太陽穴叫做 temple(s) of the head, 他的形容詞是 temporal  adj.太陽穴的

Temporal Lobe






temporize    /ˋtɛmpəˏraɪz/


v. [Avoid making a decision or committing oneself in order to gain time:]

  note: 這是個比較難的字,不用記它。

  ex. President Ma still temporized and was not willing to resign as chairman of KMT until Wednesday.

  ex. He temporizes when he should lead, compromises when he should hold firm and massages when he should be knocking heads. ( from here)







temptation    /tɛmpˋteʃən/

n.誘惑 [A desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise]

  ex. It is strong temptation to have chocolate while you are on diet.

  ex. 50% off!  the temptation of shopping is too great to resist on Black Friday.


note: attempt v.嘗試

temptation Temptation (2)





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