tacky    /ˋtækɪ/

adj. [sticky to the touch; adhesive.]

  note: 其中的tack,字源的發展是與attach (v.) or attachment 有關連的。

adj.俗氣的 [in poor taste]

  ex. Do not wear a neon green shirt on someone's wedding. It would be consider as tacky clothes, and quite impolite.


similar word(adj.): sloppy, cheap, gaudy

tacky_clothes neon_clothes







tackle    /ˋtækl/

v.處理棘手的問題﹑ 困難的工作等 [deal with or overcome (an awkward problem, a difficult piece of work, etc)]

  note: tackle 與 take是有點關連的唷。 to tackle a hard challenge, you can say to take or undertake a challenge.

  note: 在football(美式足球)中,是指to stop a ball-carrier.

  ex. I am ready to tackle all the practice that my coach sets up. And I wish to be a better player next season.


  similar word(v.): engage in, deal with, undertake


n.滑輪組 [set of ropes and pulleys for working a ship's sails or for lifting weights]

  note: tackle最早是指在船上的工具









tact   /tækt/

n.言行得體 [skill at not offending people or at gaining goodwill by saying or doing the right thing]

  note: tact 的字源也是與touch有關,這邊的比喻是要仔細的touch 人。

  ex. Isaac Newton’s quote, “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.”

  ex. It requires tact to talk about sensitive questions with your girlfriend, such as the question of allowing her to check you iPhone.






tactic    /ˋtæktɪk/

n.手段; 策略 [a plan, procedure, or expedient for promoting a desired end or result.]

  ex. Have you played tic-tac-toe games? It does need a tactic to win.


   similar word: method, strategy, stratagem (p.450)


   cf: tacit and tactic





Tic-tac-toe-game-tree.svg tactics









tactile    /ˋtæktaɪl/


adj.觸覺的 [of or using the sense of touch]

  ex. a tactile feeling.

  ex. tactile art


similar word: palpable, tangible

ex. Although my parents live away from me now, their love is still palpable to me. That is a very important support when I feel sad and hopeless. 

tactile_art3 tactile_art2








tadpole    /ˋtædˏpol/

tad(=toad,蟾蜍)-pole(from L. = pol; head)

n.蝌蚪  [the aquatic larva or immature form of frogs and toads, especially after the development of the internal gills and before the appearance of the forelimbs and the resorption of the tail.]



A frog and a flatfish undergo metamorphosis in time-lapse video provided by Dr. Alexander Schreiber, St. Lawrence University, Canton NY.







tag    /tæɡ/


 ex. a price tag is a small piece of paper that shows the price of the product.

 ex. You should use a tag to label the name of chemical product so that people wouldn't accidently use the wrong one.







taking    /ˋtekɪŋ/

adj. [attractive; charming]

  note: taking 指『吸引人的』是個較老的用法。







talisman    /ˋtælɪzmən/

n.護身符 [object that is thought to have magic powers to protect you or bring you luck, eg a ring]


 similar word(n.): amulet

 note: mascot  n.吉祥物

   ex. the mascot of FSU is Chief Osceola, who is an influential leader of the Seminole in Florida.

amulet_chinese talisman

 taliman_amulet fsu05








tally    /ˋtælɪ/

n.記錄 [a record of amounts or numbers which you keep changing and adding to as the activity which affects it progresses.]

  ex. He is counting the tally of voters. 

  note: tally stick, 是一種舊石器時代,人們用來數數字時,幫助記憶的東西。人們會在木棍上刻標記,來計數,

  note: tally mark, 就像是正字標記,用來數數的。


v. [If one number or statement tallies with another, they agree with each other or are exactly the same.]

  ex. The results from newer experiments tally with those from earlier experiments.

tally_stick  tally








talon    /ˋtælən/

n.爪 [claw, esp of a bird of prey (獵捕動物為食的鳥類)]

  note: 特別指的是老鷹、貓頭鷹,那種吃肉的鳥的爪子。


 similar word(n.): claw

 考古: talon:eagle=claw:panther  鷹和鷹爪=豹和豹爪







tambourine    /ˏtæmbəˋrin/



Layne Redmond Tambourine Lesson







tame    /tem/

adj.(指動物)馴服的 [(of animals) gentle and unafraid of human beings; not wild or fierce]

  ex. the pigeons in the campus are tame and will walk to people to seek food.

  note: 也指東西平淡無聊的,the ending of this novel is really tame, ruining my high expectation of the author.  


v. [make (sth) tame or manageable]

  ex. She tames her cat well.

  ex. Does nature tame human or human tame nature?


Christian the lion






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