swift    /swɪft/

adj.迅速的; 敏捷的 [quick or rapid; prompt]

 ex. we need swift actions to remedy problems.


Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me








swill    /swɪl/

v. [to drink (something) greedily or to excess; guzzle.]

  ex. to swill beer.

  <> sip

n. 養豬用的殘食 [left-over vegetable peelings, etc given to pigs as food]




v.狂吃狂喝 [eat or drink sth greedily] (p.230)

v.狂吃狂喝 (且發出聲響地)  [eat or drink sth greedily and noisly] (p.223)
gobble是gabble的變體,gabble是v.急促不清地說的意思(可以review p.48 有提到過),這邊gobble是利用gabble的概念,指一直急促的吃東西
v.狂吃狂喝 (用吞的) [swallow food or drink quickly or greedily]
  ex. whale
v.大聲地吃喝 [to make loud sucking noises while eating or drinking]
  ex. 思樂冰






swine    /swaɪn/


  note: 我們現在講豬,會用pig這個字,swine的使用上是比較偏向"學術類",ex. swine Flu = 猪流感. 在比較old-fashion的文章中,也會把豬說是swine.

  note: swine既單數與複數都是一樣的,不用加s








swindle    /ˋswɪndl/

v.詐騙 [to cheat (a person, business, etc.) out of money or other assets.]

  ex. We continue hearing the news about public servants  swindle money out of government.  ex.葉世文.

  ex. Telephone scams try to swindle victims out of their savings.


  similar word (v.):  deceive, defraud, frame

  note: dwindle v.逐漸變少








swing    /swɪŋ/

v.搖擺 [to move repeatedly backwards and forwards or from side to side from a fixed point. ]

  ex. The ape swings from branch to branch.

  ex. A Pendulum swings back-and-forth.








swirl    /swɜrl/

v. [ to move with an eddying or whirling motion]

  note: 字源上與whirl是有關連的唷。

  ex. Swirling snowflakes silently fall down.

  ex. The dancer is turning around and around, swirling her skirt.


whirl v.旋轉


swirl_skirt  swirl

The Secret Feather Swirl Cold Process Soap







sybarite    /ˋsɪbəˏraɪt/


n.  [person who is very fond of luxury and comfort]

  note: 這是一個很少出現的字,sybarite誕生於1600年左右,原指的是在古希臘的城市Sybaris其內的居民。(現在位於義大利南部)。當地居民因為富美的土壤以及港口有利的地理位置,很快的帶來財富,在希臘其他的城邦中,對於sybarite印象就是喜歡高尚的物品、宴會,所以sybarite被指稱那些愛好奢侈品與享受的人。

   related word: hedonist  n.享樂主義者 (擁有快樂是人生中最重要的事:力求將享樂與痛苦的距差增至最大)

<> ascetic adj.禁欲的、苦行的

Sybaris_map sybarite







sycophant    /ˋsɪkəfənt/

n.阿諛奉承者 [person who tries to gain people's favor by insincerely flattering them and always agreeing with them]

  ex. To be a successful sycophant, you need to observe the taste of the other people and making them feel comfortable by providing sweet but nonsense praise.

 note: 這是一個很少出現的字

 related word (n.) : flatterer, fawner








syllabus    /ˋsɪləbəs/

n.教學大綱[list of subjects, topics, texts, etc included in a course of study ]

   ex. Very likely at the first class, your professor will talk about the syllabus of this course,

such as week1: review functions, 

            week2: limit

            week3: continuity

            week4: chain rule






symbiosis    /ˌsɪm baɪ oʊ sɪs/


n.共生關係 [relationship between two species, organisms,etc that live close together and depend on each other in various ways]

  note: 雖然這樣講,symbiosis的定義可以很廣的。symbiosis = all species interactions


 Lichen, the most awesome thing ever.

Lichen(地衣) = fungus + alga

symbiosis symbiosis _333






symmetry    /ˋsɪmɪtrɪ/

sym(=syn; together)-metry(meter)


symmetry_323 symmetry_particle





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