stilted    /ˋstɪltɪd/


adj. 踏著高蹺的; 矯揉造作的 [unnatural; artificial ]

  ex. "How are you doing", " I am doing good." This kind of routine conversation over cashiers at grocery stores is short and friendly. I don't think we should have a very formal and long conversation which just looks stilted for filling the time while checking out.

  etymology: stilt 與 stand是有關聯性的唷,比較好玩的是stilt這個字,過去有指的在湖邊用木樁撐高起來的房子。

  note: stilt walker

  note: stilted arch










stimulus    /ˋstɪmjuləs/

stimul(to stick)-us

n.使生物體產生反應之物 [thing that produces a reaction in living things]

  ex. In spring the warm temperature, moisture, and longer day time act as stimuli to make plants grow quickly.

  ex. I drink a cup of coffee as an stimulus for keeping awake.

  ex. Central bank decreases interest rates and that brings a strong stimulus to the current  flagging market.

  note: 複數型  stimuli


  note: simulate v.模擬 (字根 simul = similar 相似)






stimulant    /ˈstɪmjulənt/


  note: stimulant 與 stimulus 經常被交替來使用,但是stimulant常在用於drug,或chemical material 上

  ex. Adrenalin is a stimulant for the heart. 

  ex. Caffeine  is a very common stimulant, and so common that many people have addiction on it.







sting    /stɪŋ/

v.刺傷 [to pierce or wound with a poisonous or irritating process]

   note: 最常使用的就是被昆蟲刺傷,像是蜜蜂、螞蟻、蠍子。水母也可以,還有也可以用來指話很傷人。

  ex. I was stung by ants when accidentally stepping on a red ant hole. That was pretty hurt.

  ex. When we broke  up, he gave really stinging remarks to me. "I hate you", " I should have never met you"... That takes years for me to forget those remarks.

  note. sting n. 還有個很經常使用的意思,那就是警方為了抓壞人而設下的圈套,可以在news上經常看到。









stingy    /ˋstɪndʒɪ/

adj.吝嗇的 [ spending, using or giving unwillingly ]

  note: sting 本身的意思是針,字源上是有"sharp"的意思,而tip上的本來就是少少的。所以stingy才有指的是吝嗇的意思,因為給的少少的。

  ex. My wife is so stingy. When I asked for increasing the allowance by $50 a week, she complained all the week. So I gave up.


  note: stingy 這個形容詞,是個非常general、他和"mean"是最常用來指"吝嗇的"的形容詞。我們之前還有學過一些形容詞,例如:parsimonious, miserly. 他們是些有特色的。

  parsimonious = super stingy.

    ex. My boss is parsimonious about tips for waiters. It seems like even giving one penny will kill him.

  miserly = 即使必需品也很不願買地吝嗇

    ex.  This man is miserly with his money. When he gets sick, he donsn't go to see any doctor. He never holds a party, but frequently goes to other people's parties to take free food.







stinginess    /'stɪndʒɪnəs/


  ex. Generosity leads to a rich life. Stinginess leads to a poor life.









stint    /stɪnt/ 

n.一段時期 [a period of time spent doing something] 

  note: stint 有兩個主要的字義,在新聞中會比較常出現當做"a period of time", 類似 term的意思。

  ex. The president Obama approved the Obama care in his first stint, now the real challenge comes in his second stint.

  ex. I will study in U.S. in a five-year stint.


v.吝惜 [to be sparing or frugal] ( skimp)

  ex. She stinted herself of food in order to let the children have enough.

  ex. We hope that you will not stint your criticism.






stipple    /ˋstɪpl/









stipulate    /ˋstɪpjəˏlet/

v.講明, 規定  [ state (sth) clearly and firmly as a requirement ]

   note: stipulate是較正式的用法,多使用在條約、協商之中,一般我們可以說"demand"。

  ex. Apple Inc. stipulated that the defect rate of Retina display screen has to less than 1%. Otherwise they wouldn't place the orders.

  ex. The NBA stipulates one team has to pay luxury tax once its team payroll exceeds the salary cap.






stipulation    /‚stɪpjə'leɪʃn/

n. [a condition, demand, or promise in an agreement or contract.]

  ex. With a special stipulation for protecting companies, employees are frequently required not to work for competitors  after quitting.

  ex. The lower rate wireless plans will come with the usual stipulation  of agreeing to a two-year contract.








stir    /stɜːr /

v.攪拌 [move a spoon, etc round and round in (a liquid or some other substance)]

  ex. He adds the cream and sugar into coffee, and slightly stirs it as if time also slows down its pace.

  note: stir 的字源,據說是跟storm有關連,都是指一種擾動。因此當然就有指輕微的移動的意思。

  ex. Palm trees stir in the soft breeze from the sea.

v. 激發、鼓勵

  ex. His success of getting an admission in an excellent college stirs many poor but diligent students.








stitch    /stɪtʃ/


  ex. My legs got injured from a car accident  and I had 6 stitches in the wound.


  ex. This app can automatically stitch pictures into a panorama without any hassle setting. Users just enjoy taking pictures.










stock    /stɑk/

n. 存貨 [If a shop stocks particular goods, it keeps a supply of them to sell.]

  ex. when you see the sign " in stock" on Amazon website, it means Amazon has the product, and it can handle and send your order right away.

  ex. The new released iPhone is so popular, I visit three retail stores but none of them has a iPhone in stock.

  note: 當動詞時,就可以指累積存貨

  ex. He stocks food and water in the typhoon season.


n. 股票

  ex. The price on the stock market was predicted to be going down when A-bian won the second president election.

 ex. The price on the stock market soared and hit a history-record in 2000 just before the dot-com bubble burst.


 etymology: stock 最早最早的意思是跟"樹幹"有關系的,而後來演變出了相當多的意思。



 *家世 ex. a woman of Irish stock










stockade    /stɑkˋed/


n.柵欄 (防禦用的)

  ex. Wooden posts are the common material for stockades. Ancient people use stockades to protect their houses, or just for the purpose of setting a clear boundary.


  fun: iron-clad









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