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static    /ˋstætɪk/

adj.靜止的 [not moving or changing; stationary ]

  ex. The number of young people obtaining qualifications has remained static or decreased.

  ex. The rock has sit here statically for thousands of years. Only until recently it is moved by a super-typhoon.

  note: static 是口語中 electrostatic 的縮寫,意思是靜電。像是烘衣機可以加入防靜電紙,盒裝的包裝上就會有static的字樣唷。








stationary    /ˋsteʃənˏnerɪ/

adj.靜止的 [fixed in a station, course, or mode : immobile ]

  ex. Due to carelessness of driving he crashed a stationary car parked along the street. So he had to pay the fee for fixing the scratches of the car body.


ps. stationery (相同發音) n.文具--集合名詞不可數

stationery 可指的的類別很多,像紙、橡皮擦,打洞機,墨水、信封。stationery也特別指一種很精美的紙,會有浮雕,摟雕,裝飾的蕾絲邊等等,像是wedding card.

在中世紀的時期,很多的商家都是以攤販的形式,常常換地方販賣,而大學附近的書店或文具店卻會在門口擺上"stationary" 的字樣,說明他這家店不會到處亂跑,就固定在這邊賣文具。所以後來stationary就產生了stationery這個字了。









statuary   /ˋstætʃʊˏɛrɪ/

n.雕塑作品 [If you talk about the statuary in a place, you are referring to all the statues and sculpture there. ]

   note: 集合名詞,不可數。指的是在某個地方的所有雕像。


note: National Statuary Hall。展示館是原本美國眾議院開會的地方,現在變成放置對美國很有貢獻的人的雕像。









stature   /ˋstætʃɚ/

n.身高 [the height of a human or animal body.]

  note: 不可數

  ex. He is 6 feet in height ( or we can say in stature)


n.名望 [importance and reputation gained by ability or achievement]

   ex. After the successful premiere of his music opera, he gains considerable stature, becoming a new born superstar.

   sym: respect, esteem











status   /stætəs/

n.地位; 身分 [person's social, legal or professional position or rank in relation to others]

   ex. A common question in a poll is to ask applicants' marital status, for example health insurance. Your options may have: single, married, divorced, and widowed.

   ex. Nurses are undervalued, and they never enjoy the same status as doctors.


  note: status also can imply the high rank in social position, and importance.

   ex. Men of wealth and status still can make a sill mistake.

n. 狀態

   ex. The news reports that Philippines now is in emergency status.

   ex. The announcement board shows the flight status, and we find our plane will delay 2 hours.








statute    /ˋstætʃut/

n.法規; 法令 [ law passed by Parliament or a similar law-making body and written down formally ]

  ex. People in U.S. work hard to gain the public acceptance and to propose a statute that makes gay marriage legal.

   note: 有3個 t 的是法律 statute

   note: 有2個 t 的是雕像 statue









statutory     /'stætʃʊtɔrɪ/


adj.法令的  [of, relating to, or having the nature of a statute; be regulated by a statute]

   ex. Apple Inc. has a very strict statutory principle that prevents engineers divulging any information of under-developing product.








steadfast    /ˋstɛdˏfæst/


adj.堅定的; 不動搖的  [firm and not changing or yielding; constant]

  sym: firm, steady,unfaltering, unwavering

  ex. The poor old man injured his legs at age 18, but his dream of becoming a pilot remained steadfast. He has gathered the wasted material and built his own helicopter for more than 40 years, although his neighbors only though it was just trash. ( ideas from a true story.)









stealth    /stɛlθ/

n. 悄悄的或秘密的行動 [ acting or behaving in a quiet or secret way ]

  ex. Facebook updates the private policy and sometimes introduces more commercial stuffs by stealth.

  ex. In stead of stealing things by stealth, now the victims in this typhoon plundered any resources they saw.


  note: stealthy  adj.

  sym (adj.):  clandestine, concealed, covert, furtive, surreptitious

  etymology: steal(偷),與 stealth是來自同個字源的唷












steep    /stip/

adj. [rising or falling sharply]

  ex. we use "steep" to refer slop, mountain, cliff, or the price of stocks, market price etc.

  ex. The price of this child's painting increases from £10 to £5000 in just one week. This steep rising is from getting overwhelmed popularity after the exhibition in London. Now you have to wait at least 3 months to buy any his painting.


v.浸泡某物 [to soak sth thoroughly in liquid]

  ex. steep de-shelled boiled eggs in soy sauce overnight. (茶葉蛋的煮法)

   related word (verb.): sop, soak, douse, drench










steer    /stɪr/

v. [ to direct or control the course ]

  ex. You can use the steering wheel to control the moving direction of the car. That is you are steering the car.

  note. For not only cars but also any vehicles or even a nation and a company, you can use "steer" to say you control the direction of it.

  ex. She takes the helm and steers the boat into the harbor.  

  ex. People elect president to steer the ship of nation toward the right course.

  ex. His father steered ( instructed) him to develop good habits, such as doing exercise every day.


n. 閹割的牛,用來當肉吃的。

  note: 另外steer也可以當一種牛。










stellar    /ˋstɛlɚ/


adj.星的 [ of a star or stars]

  ex. The stellar evolution is an extraordinarily interesting subject in which many scientists study how a star is created and what the fate of it is.

   note: interstellar, sidereal 這些字都與星星有關唷










stem    /stɛm/

n.花草的莖 or 樹木的幹 [main central part of a plant, bush or tree coming up from the roots, from which the leaves or flowers grow]

  note: stalk 

  note: 也可以指高腳杯細長的頸柱。

  note: STEM = science + technology + engineering + math

v. [have sth as its origin or cause]

  ex. All my interests in math stems from my father as a college instructor. He gave me a lot of interesting mathematical questions when I was young.

  note: stem cell


v. [ to stop]

  ex. Our boss stemmed our plan of leaving the office earlier for our friend's party.


What are stem cells?









stench     /stɛntʃ/

n.臭氣  [an offensive smell or odor]

  note: 這個字是可數的唷,但是一般是用單數形, a stench.

  ex. The back trunk of her car is filled with a strong stench. The police suspects that is from a dead body.

  ex. People want to find out where is the corruption stench comes from in this company.


  related (adj): stink, reek




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