n.蛇蛻下來的皮; 按時脫落的死組織 [skin that has fallen away from a snake; any dead tissue that falls away at regular intervals]

  ex. All reptiles have to slough their skin to grow.

  ps. molt (p.314)

v. [get rid of sth; abandon sth; shed]

  ex. Our bodies slough off dead cells.

  ex. Eventually a red giant's gas envelope will slough off entirely, leaving behind a dense stellar corpse known as a white dwarf.



 (to molt)                                              ( to slough)










n. [a habitually lazy person]

  from slug n.蛞蝓  










n. wiki A sluice is a water channel controlled at its head by a gate

  ps.sluice gate, 就是一個水道(sluice)控制水流過的gate.

  ps. 在19世紀的美國,冬天是農夫們從事伐木的時期,在山上他們會建立個人造水道(sluice),冬天晚上澆澆水,早上就會有結冰了,然後就可以將砍伐的木材滑下山去。

  ps. sluice box 是一種掏金的工具。

  ps. floodgate比較像是防洪避免水大量進入的gate.


sluice box for gold mining










v. [to sleep, esp peacefully and comfortably]

n. 睡眠

  ex. Good meals and nights of uninterrupted slumber have repaired some of the jet-lag disorientation.

  ps. slumber party: An overnight party in which guests, usually girls, wear nightclothes, socialize, and spend the night at a friend's home.


slumber n/v.睡
  lumber n.木材








v.含糊不清地發出聲音 [run (sounds, words) into each other so that they are indistinct]

  ex. He repeated himself and slurred his words more than usual.


v.詆毀 [to cast aspersions on;harm sb's reputation by making disparaging statements ]

n. [an insulting or disparaging remark]

  ex. It seemed to cast a slur on the husband and implied that he wasn't capable of keeping you.

  ps. blur (p.60) n.模糊不清 v.使模糊不清


 ps. Music, tie (for same pitch or equal frequency, like extension.) and slur










v.大聲地吃喝 [to make a sucking noise while eating or drinking]

  ex. He slurped down a cup of sweet, black coffee.

  ex. My younger son who is six has adored this soup for years, and will happily slurp down a huge bowl.

  ps. slurpee 思樂冰





v.狂吃狂喝 [eat or drink sth greedily] (p.230)

v.狂吃狂喝 (且發出聲響地)  [eat or drink sth greedily and noisly] (p.223)
gobble是gabble的變體,gabble是v.急促不清地說的意思(可以review p.48 有提到過),這邊gobble是利用gabble的概念,指一直急促的吃東西
v.狂吃狂喝 (用吞的) [swallow food or drink quickly or greedily]
  ex. whale
v.大聲地吃喝 [to make loud sucking noises while eating or drinking]
  ex. 思樂冰


v.狂吃 [eat greedily]

v.狂飲 (p.387)
v.狂飲   [from 豬在吃東西的模樣,豬swine]












adj.狡猾的 [acting or done in a secret; clever in a deceitful or cunning way. ]

  ex. 狡猾的的小貓, or 在春秋戰國中有很多狡猾的人與故事(小巧取勝)

  ex. The poem in its mock heroics is a sly satire of the grand manner of the romantic epic.










adj.逢迎諂媚的 [obsequiously flattering]

  ex. be smarmy for impression.

  ex. do not confuse conversational marketing tactics with smarmy sales hype.


  synonym: slick, flattering

  ps. 在1930年時代,smarm是指將種髮油圖上頭髮上的動作,讓頭髮看起來閃亮。後來就變成有逢迎的意思了。

  音:my smart, 把我媽都迷死了











adj.帥氣的, 時髦的

  ex. You look very smart in your new suit.

v. [cause or feel a sharp stinging pain]

  ex. The bee-sting smarted terribly.

  ex. He smarted from the savage attacks on his film.










n. [a slight, superficial, or introductory knowledge of something, esp of a language]

   ps. smattering是個量詞,指的是很少量的意思,特別是指很少量但又無法明確知道多少的時候。

   ex. I only know a smattering of Latin.

   ex. Google customizes search results with a smattering of your own content

   ex. Unregistered users can watch a smattering of videos, but entering an e-mail address gets you higher streaming priority.

   ps. smatter v. 很初淺地懂的如何說一種語言










v. 弄髒、塗上油滑或骯臟的物質 [ to spread  (an oily, greasy, viscous, or wet substance) on or over something ]

  ex. 塗口紅、上防曬油 

  ex. to smear butter on bread.

  ex. to smear mud all over the wall

  ps. 也可以指損害別人的名譽( to damage  sb's reputation)



  ps. smear test = Pap test = 子宮頸抹片檢查


  聯想: smear  sm(ile)笑+ear耳--笑別人耳朵髒髒的-->v. 弄髒

  ps. smirch and besmirch (p.55) note: to besmirch one's reputation. ( to make dirty)

  ps. smudge


 A cervical screening test - What can you expect?










v.做作地,自得意地笑[ to smile in an affected, smug, or offensively way.]

  ex. A dozen people were watching her, smirking at her discomfort.

n. [conceited or arrogant smile]

  連想:sm(ile)笑+irk使厭煩-- 使人厭煩的笑容---> 假笑








  ex. While the demonstration gets off to a smooth start, the machine soon malfunctions.


  ex. smooth down wood with sandpaper










v. [to be overcome or killed through or as if through lack of air]

 ps. suffocate v.

 ps. asphyxiation n.


v. [to cover closely or thickly; envelop]

  ex. Once the shrubs begin to smother the little plants, we have to move them.

  ex. She loved her own children, almost smothering them with love.

  ex. She felt smothered with kindness.

  ps. 像是每天都要打很多電話確定男/女朋友在幹嘛



Killer Lakes ( CO2 濃度超過 1% 人就會開始感到昏眩)






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