n. [a minor show or exhibition in connection with a principal one, as at a circus.]

  ps. 在美國指的是在馬戲團、展覽會、嘉年華會主要的表演之外的一些小表演。像是吞火、吞劍、丟飛鏢、睡釘床。sideshow是中可以看human oddities(奇人show)的像矮人,最高的人等。sideshow也有引申成minor or less significant event的意思。

  ex. The president's the speech is just a sideshow, the reporters want to ask about the scandal.








v. [to avoid something by going around it or by not discussing it, as if to step aside]

  ps. 過年時親戚問過得好不好阿,有沒有交女朋友阿,考試有沒有考好。就可以使用sidestep

  ex. With planning, you can sidestep some of the costly fees.


Sidestep Beasts










v/n.圍攻; 圍城 [surrounding of a town, fortress, etc by armed forces in order to capture it or force it to surrender ]

  ex. Growing human populations and improved fishing technology have placed marine  animals under siege  across the world's oceans.

  ps. 也可以用來比喻成被厄運包圍等等的

  ex. a siege of bad luck, a siege of spam.


  ps. besiege, beleaguer(p. 54)

  etymology: early 13c., "a seat"









v. [to pass through a sorting device like a screen to sort, separate or carefully examine. to put through a sieve]

  ex. Sift the flour and baking powder into a medium-sized mixing bowl.

  ex. Police officers have continued to sift through the wreckage following yesterday's bomb attack.

  ex. Sift  through them and run a few rigorous web searches to see if you need all of  them.

  ps. gold is sifted from sand.


Gold Panning made easy. 40 + years experience

$2000 gold












  ex. a traffic signal; a signal to leave.

  ex. specific wavelengths are especially important 'waking' signals.

v. [to make a signal to.]









v. [be a sign of (sth); mean; indicate]

  ex. She signified her approval with a smile.

  ps. Faults in performance do not necessarily signify  a dearth of skills or  abilities, social scientists have found.






adj.重大的, 意義深遠的

   ex. The dollar has played a significant role in global trade and finance.

   ex. a significant breakthrough to understand XXX phenomenon.








n.窗台 [window sill, a shelf along the bottom edge of a window, either inside or outside a building.]

Window Sill Replacement Installation







n. [Silt is fine sand, soil, or mud ]

  ps. Silt, deposited by annual floods along the Nile River, created the rich, fertile soil that sustained the Ancient Egyptian civilization.









n. [a person whose occupation is making and repairing articles of silver]

  ps. blacksmith n.鐵匠

 Theresa Nguyen - Artist Silversmith Workshop Studio









v.傻笑 [to smile in a silly manner]

 note: M-W主要是講傻笑,但其他的字典有說是虛情假意的笑。








n.傻蛋 [an ignorant, foolish, or silly person.]

  ps. 比方說剛來新的國家住,什麼都不知道,說也說不出,就容易被當成傻蛋







simul(=similar; like)-ate

v.模擬 [reproduce (certain conditions) by means of a model, etc, eg for study or training purposes]

  ex. The computer program simulates conditions on the sea bed.

  ex. Going underwater is one way to simulate  weightlessness.


quick review:

在page 425講過的 semblance  ex. a semblance of cheerfulness

ps. SimCity 5








adj.同時的 [occurring, or operating at the same time; concurrent]

   ex. Simultaneous events will be held in Taiwan and Japan.

   ps. simultaneity n.


Simultaneity - Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity








adj. [genuine; real]

  ex. a sincere friend, a sincere thanks.

  ex. he is a good man, decent and sincere.








n. [an office or position that requires little or no work and that usually provides an income]

  ex. being aspired to the sinecure  of tenure.

  ex. These jobs are usually lifetime sinecures, with employees dismissed only for gross negligence. ...a 'Golden Rice Bowl' for Civil Service (from news)


 etymology: sine cura "benefice without care" (of souls), from L. sine "without" + cura, ablative sing. of cura "care"


Word of the Day: Sinecure






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