v. [steals goods from the shelves or displays of a retail store while posing as a customer.]

  ps. Police Department shows Katherine Russell, arrested on shoplifting charges in Warwick. Charges were later dismissed.

  ps. Katherine Russell, Wife Of Boston Marathon Bomber

  ps. lift 其中有個意思是 Informal. to steal

  ex. His wallet was lifted on the crowded subway.









adj. [worn or faded from being on display in a store]

  ps. 3c 展示機

  ex. Jerry Sloan's old-school approach is clearly not shopworn; he has remained relevant by winning. 

  ps. wear 有當穿舊的意思,比方說手套穿久了材質就可能為變糟

    ex. That coat is starting to look worn.

    ex. The carpets are starting to wear.








n. [ Informal. capacity for bearing responsibility or blame or sympathizing with other people]

  ex. If you want to tell me your troubles, I have broad shoulders. 

n.路肩 [either of the two edges or borders along a road, especially that portion on which vehicles can be parked in emergencies.]










v. [to move along by force from behind; push.]

  ps. (NBA) Duncan received a technical foul for shoving Bogut while running back on defense in the first quarter.

  ps. shovel n.鐵鏟 (有字源上的關聯唷)


Nazr Mohammed EJECTED for Shoving LeBron James to Court








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