adj. [free from danger, risk of loss, affording safety]

  ex. feel secure about one's future 對自己的前途無憂無慮

  ex. Supportive friends and family make you feel secure.

  note. 女生很需要安全感

v. [fix (sth) firmly, fasten; make sth safe]

  ex. to secure the ladder with ropes 

  ex. to secure the town against being attacked.










secure-ity (使用複數型)

n.證券 [wiki] A security or financial instrument is a tradable asset of any kind.

    Securities are broadly categorized into:

    debt securities (such as bonds 債券 ),

    equity securities, e.g., common stocks;

    derivative contracts, such as options 選擇權


Types of Debt Securities








sed(to sit)-ate

v. 給...服鎮靜劑 [give (sb) a drug that calms the nerves or reduces stress]

  ps. 要幫動物或人開刀或醫療時

  ex. The doctor give a tranquilizing drug to sedate the patient.

adj.安靜的, 莊重的, 鎮靜的 [calm, quiet, or composed; undisturbed by passion or excitement]



How to Sedate a Cat for Grooming







n.鎮靜劑 [A sedative is a medicine or drug that calms you or makes you sleep.]

   ps. 有時後也會讓人想想睡覺

   ps. 有時看看看數學也會有種sedative的效果唷


sedative hypnotics recorded lecture








adj. 久坐的 [(of people) spending a lot of time seated]

  ex. sedentary lifestyle = Couch Potato

  ps. 也可以指鳥固定待在某個地區,而沒有遷徙行為

  <> migratory, peripatetic (p.352) n.逍遙學派的弟子








sed(to sit)-i-ment

n.沉積物 [wiki] [Sediment is a naturally occurring material that is broken down by processes of weathering and erosion, and is subsequently transported by the action of wind, water, or ice, and/or by the force of gravity acting on the particle itself.]


wiki: Deposited sediments are the source of sedimentary rocks, which can contain fossils of the inhabitants of the body of water that were, upon death, covered by accumulating sediment. Lake bed sediments that have not solidified into rock can be used to determine past climatic conditions.









sed(to sit)-ul-ous

adj.勤勉的 [showing much hard work, steady effort or care ] pay sedulous attention to details.


synonym:  assiduous(p.40), diligent, hard-working







sed(to sit)-ul-ity

n. [the quality of being constantly diligent and attentive]








seed(種子)-ling(小的東西)    ex.duckling n. 小鴨子

n. [young plant or tree grown from a seed]







adj. [Seemly behavior or dress is appropriate in the particular circumstances.]

  ex. 合宜的穿著、言談


synonym: comely(p. 94) or becoming, decent, decorous

  note. seamy 露出線縫的 --> 醜惡的 and unpleasant









v. [flow slowly and in small quantities through a substance]

   ps. 像是水管漏水,或者特別指地上滲出水來(形成小puddle但水沒法流遠)


聯想: sheep and seep

 synonym: drain, drip, exude, ooze, trickle,










v.沸騰冒泡 [(of liquids) bubble and froth as if boiling]

  ps. 也可以用來指人很生氣

  ex. She was seething  at his remarks.

  ex. She took it calmly at first but under the surface was seething.

  ps. 也可以指人沸沸嚷嚷的樣子; If you say that a place is seething with people or things, you are emphasizing that it is very full of them and that they are all moving about.

  ex. streets seething with excited crowds


 synonym:  to be furious, to be incensed (p.254 ) , flare(p.204), rage (p.390)









seg(=sect, 與cut有關)-ment  ex. section

n. [a part of a whole.]

  ex. a segment of a talk show

v. [to divide something up into different parts.]





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