v. [walk without lifting the feet]

  ps. 他有摩擦的意思


 ps cuff, handcuffs 手銬









v. [to carve or model as a sculptor]

  ps. sculptor  n.雕塑家

  ps. sculpture n.雕像

  ps. scalpel n.手術刀


Sculpture Techniques - How to Sculpt a Maquette








n. 壞血病 (由缺乏維他命C引起的), 早期沒有冰箱,所以長期航海的人會沒有新鮮的蔬菜水果吃。

adj. [contemptible; worthless; mean]

  ex. That was a scurvy trick to play on an old lady.








adj. [abusive and insulting, esp in a crude or obscene way]

  ex. a scurrilous rumor, attack, book


synonym: abusive(p. 5), invective(p. 276), opprobrious(p.333), vituperative








v. [When people or small animals scurry somewhere, they move there quickly and hurriedly, especially because they are frightened.]

  ex. The rats scurry around, searching for scraps of food

  ps. 因躲避危險﹑壞天氣等而奔跑

  ex. The spectators scurried for shelter as soon as it began to rain.


note hurry, scurry,










  ps. The grim reaper









n.縫線 [the line of stitches that holds two pieces of fabric together.]

  ps. seamless dress

  ps. 無縫接軌

v.縫 [join (two pieces of cloth, etc) by means of a seam]


四縫線快速球 four-seam fastball










adj. [If you describe something as seamy, you mean that it involves unpleasant aspects of life such as crime, sex, or violence. ]

  ps. 露出線縫的 --> 醜惡的 and unpleasant

  ps. or 在縫線背後那面的東西通常都是比較醜的

  ex....the seamier side of life.







v. [To sear something means to burn its surface with a sudden intense heat.]

[wiki] Searing (or pan searing) is a technique used in grilling, baking, braising, roasting, sautéing, etc., in which the surface of the food (usually meat, poultry or fish) is cooked at high temperature so a caramelized crust forms.



How To Sear Meat









  ex. a seasoned critic, Roger Ebert.

  ps. 就像人經歷了許多歲月季節的洗練,而變得經驗豐富

  ps. 也可以指食物充滿了香草or香料

  ps. 去買醬油時仔細看會有寫 -- seasoned soy sauce唷








n.調味品 [something added to food primarily for the savor it imparts]

 ex. 鹽 salt、胡椒 pepper, 醋 vinegar , 糖 sugar









se(apart, without)-ced(go, yeild)-e    ps. secret

v. [to withdraw formally from an alliance, federation, or association, as from a political union, a religious organization, etc.]

  ps. secession n.

  ps. 南方想secede the union導致美國的南北戰爭

  related words: abdicate,  resign


CNN Explains: Secession







v.分泌 [produce (a substance, usu liquid) either as waste material or for use within the body ]

  ex. The kidneys secrete urine. 

  ex. Saliva is secreted by glands in the mouth.

  ps. secretion n. <> excretion n.

v.藏匿 [put or keep (sth) in a secret place; hide]

  ex. money secreted in a drawer

   ps. secret adj.秘密的


 Regulated Secretion








adj. [to keep things secret or to hide one's thoughts, feelings]

   ex. Billionaires are usually fairly secretive about the exact amount that they're worth.







adj. [unrelated to religion]

  ps. 在古早,宗教影響是很大的,所以有分成與宗教有關於無關的類別。

  ps. some private universities are connected with the Christian or Jewish religions: Emory University, the University of Notre Dame,









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